Alan Laudani 3,000 cc runs at CC #38


Vision builder Alan Laudani fired up his 3,000 cc Covair on Sunday at 10:00 am, and put down the last run of CC #38. It started in a few seconds of cranking, and ran straight through a perfect break in run.



Above, Alan standing beside his engine just before the run.





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  1. I had a great time with great people at a great event!

    But on the sad side, my camera’s memory was wiped prematurely and I came home with no photos. If you were there, fellow CC38 alumni and have some photos, please send what you have to It would be appreciated! Also, if you would like to email me about my experience in the Vision/Corvair world or just to keep in contact, I would like that, too.

    Thanks to Jerry Price for wrenching on my engine run. Thanks to Woody and Doug for hosting the event. And thanks to William for his instruction and for driving to the left coast.

  2. One day back from a really good weekend at CC #38…a great group of people and an amazing amount of experience present. Thanks to both Alan and Jerry for pointers on my engine as well as Greg and Joe who helped me work through some demanding details. Additional thanks to Doug for hosting the weekend, Woody for his easy going insight and, of course William for bringing the show west. Three engine runs during the weekend gave me the push to get mine ready for the September college…if you want to be hands on with your airplane, make it a point to attend a Corvair builders college.

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