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I am just finishing up the last engine in Steve Glover’s hangar, a 2,700 we will run in the morning. Late this afternoon we used the 1/2″ drill to prime it, just as I have done to several hundred other engines. At Colleges I do this for every engine, and we have specific equipment that makes doing this in rapid succession on many engines easier.  We show builders how this prevents wear, collects assembly debris in the filter, allows checking for leaks and pressure before the engine is started, pumps up the lifters, and also gives a chance to verify that oil is flowing all the way to the rocker arms before the engine runs,


The noise in all the videos is the drill running the oil pump. I am not sure the video links will work, but here is a try, from the grease monkey:



Above is a shot of looking in the top cover as the engine is turned by hand with the plugs out. If you look closely, you can see how oil is pumped out around the connecting rod caps.


Above is a video of oil dripping off the rockers. I like to verify that every rocker is getting oil before putting the valve covers on  for good. This can take up to 20 minutes to get every rocker to drip oil. The drip pans were made from old valve covers.


Above is a look at a main bearing and the volume of oil it will pass. Watch how fast the oil builds up as I wipe it away.




6 Replies to “Oil priming videos”

  1. in your manual page 55,Guss’ drawing you show 5 amp fuses for ignition and fuel pump. I feel they should be fused is 5 amps your recommendation. Thanks,
    Joe Goldman.

  2. The videos did not work on my system. They look like very informative videos, but unfortunately is no go.

  3. Oh wait! Now the things display okay. Must be a defective Win10 operating system, or a defective Win10 operator. I choose the former!

  4. Videos Look great and very informational to see the oil travel and work. Is the engine being rolled over by hand to demonstrate the rod caps and crank?

  5. My question was answered after rereading, duh! Just goes to show, read twice ( or more), do it once. Thanks William.

  6. So William with all the time you are spending with video, are you converting from grease monkey to code monkey?

    Great video. hope to see this happen with my engine soon.

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