“Old hairy guy” and Ford Man deploy to the west coast


Yesterday, Dan Weseman and myself flew out commercial from Jacksonville to Los Angles, to get ready for Corvair College #37 in Chino This weekend. It was a long day on a few hours of sleep, the photo below taken By Dan’s sister who lives out here. She took us to dinner at a place near LAX called “flights” which serves your beer samples on wing ribs.



Above, a picture taken by Dan’s sister last night. He claims to pay no attention to ‘social media’ so I guess he will not notice that he was practicing his ‘happy face’ in this picture.


Dan and Rachel’s two youngest boys are normally very respectful, and are trained to refer to adults “Mr.” or “Mrs.” in front of your first name, but when the boys are speaking to each other, my code name is “Old Hairy Guy, ”  as in “you’re going to have to sit next to old hairy guy on the drive to the airport” If you need someone to gently break the news to you that you have arrived at middle age, don’t ask a 10 year old, they are too honest.


Because Dan flies a Chevy and drives a ’96 Silverado, some people think he must be on the Chevy side of the Ford vs Chevy civil war, but he is not. In Reality he is a 100% Ford guy. He has owned an endless unbroken chain of Mustangs his whole adult life, Rachel’s daily driver is an Expedition, and even their motorhome is equipped with a V-10 modular Ford engine. Getting Dan to fly a Chevy was a tough sell emotionally, so you know it must make a lot of sense logically. For the record, I gave Dan the Silverado a couple of years ago, a beater that another friend at our airport gave to me. I say this just so Dan’s record for team Ford is clean: He has never bought a Chevy to drive, even though he is OK with flying them.




5 Replies to ““Old hairy guy” and Ford Man deploy to the west coast”

  1. Are you sure his string of ‘stangs is “unbroken”. I’m sure one of them broke at some time! Cheers from another old hairy Guy!

  2. You don’t know what middle age is until you die, then you divide by two.

  3. Fun times; fifty years ago (yikes!) my first two cars were Corvairs and my latest two are a Silverado and Camaro. Last name notwithstanding guess I’m a bow-tie diehard on the ground and in the air.


  4. Beer samplers served in wing ribs? How great is that? You guys have landed in paradise! Dan appears to be pleased with the arrangement…

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