Does your airport have a Saab 35 Draken on the ramp?


I have been to many airports, but I can’t think of one with more cool planes on the ramp than Chino California, the site of our next Corvair College. If you ever have the chance to visit, and you really love planes, make the trip.



Yes, that is a privately owned, flying Saab 35 Draken, a famous cold war interceptor from Sweden. It isn’t every airport that has a Mach 2.2 bird with a 35,000’/min. rate of climb just sitting out at a tie down. There are actually a half dozen Drakens here, but this was the nicest one. Evidently at least one particularly wealthy individual in Southern California has an interesting take on expending capital.




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  1. Then of course there was the “L’il Draken”, a subscale proof of concept testbed to validate the double delta low speed performance concept. The Draken like the Viggen and Gripen were all designed to use sections of Swedish motorway in an exigent situation.

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