Corvair College #36, Texas, April 1-3, 56 hours (or less) to sign up

Sorry! You missed it. The sign up for this event is now closed. Be aware that we are now just 14 days away from the sign up for College #37 in Chino closing. -ww.



There are only 3 more days until we close the sign up for College #36 at 9pm EST on Sunday night, but if the sign up rate continues at same rate as yesterday, we will run out of spaces by Saturday night. This is the only College we will hold in the Southern central US in 2016. If you are planning on making progress in aviation this year, not just being a spectator, do not let this opportunity pass you by.


I wrote this story a few days ago: One week until Corvair College #36 sign up ends. and it has the sign up information links in it. #36 will be the fourth College that Shelley and Kevin have hosted, we will have all the tools and equipment in a very well organized and hospitable event. We have done a lot to prepare, but unless you sign up, another year will pass without you taking advantage of it. Five weeks from now, we will have the first pictures of builders and the progress they made at the college.  We are at the decision point, where you decide if you will be in the photos of just looking at them.






Above, I speak with Piet builders and flyers Kevin Purtee and Shelley Tumino, the Hosts of  the upcoming CC#36, while we were upgrading their engine at CC#24 in Barnwell SC.  They have no commercial interest in experimental aviation, they are motivated to host Colleges solely because they are the kind of people who like to put back more than they have found.  While they are outstanding contributors, they are no means the exception in the Corvair movement. Our focus on the traditional elements of homebuilding, Learn , Build and Fly, has attracted a great number of individuals who have the same perspective as Kevin and Shelley. If your experiences in aviation have found a distinct shortage of such people, let me suggest a change of course to spending your hours in the Corvair community.


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  1. ARRRRGHHH…..any one got a decent core for a 2775 (2850 if still possible)??? Can pick up on the way West from SW CO to Chino…have advertised Craig’s, just one weak possibility that didn’t pan out…Would be fun to at least turn a (‘made in usa’) wrench or two while I’m there…if not, I can snoop and schlep! {;^)

  2. Jackson,
    California Corvairs is only a few miles from the Chino airport. It is run by a gentleman names Jeff, and we buy stuff from him all the time. (951) 284-3555. Call him and see what he has, Perhaps Steve can make arrangements to have it at the airport before you get there.

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