Outlook 2016, Ordering a Completed Engine.


Although our work is primarily about providing the parts, information and training to builders who are assembling their own engine, we have always had a complimentary line of completed and test run engines for builders who elect to have us assemble and run the engine.


Over the years I have built a great number of these engines, and 2016 will be no different, however the procedure for ordering one will be new. The new path will smooth the process, and organize the scheduling, but it will also allow builders to specify the exact engine they would like.


Previously we offered 3 different engine outputs, and a few options for each choice. We are moving to a new system, where any sensible combination of parts can be selected, and we will assemble these, and test run the engine for a fixed labor cost.


After reviewing the manual, and this web story: Sources Reference Page, and writing or calling us or the Wesemans, a builder proceeds with the following steps;

Contact Dan and Rachel Weseman at SPA/Panther (http://flywithspa.com/contact-us/) and order these parts:

A) Group 1000 crankshaft  either Billet or GM forged. prepped for a ‘Gen II’ 5th bearing. Sources: Group 1000, Crankshaft

B) Group 3000 5th bearing assembly

Sources: Choosing a 5th Bearing

C) Order a set of heads Group 1500

Sources: Group 1500 – New cylinder head source

D) pay the Core engine fee, which covers the cost of the engine that your engine will be rebuilt from. What is a core engine worth?

Paying for these items has several functions; it acts as the deposit on the engine, it gets the process going on the long lead items, and gets a projected date for the engine’s assembly and test run.  The Wesemans also offer several other options, such as Group 1300/1400 3,000 cc engine kits, and Group 2950 rear alternator kits.  Rachel will be glad to cover the options.


The second phase is working with us to specify all the other components for the engine, such as all of our Gold Systems., the Group 1100 cam kit and ignition.We will provide a detailed list of every part going on the engine.


The assembly labor will be priced at the following fixed rates:

Closing the case, installing the 5th bearing, installing the safety shaft, hybrid studs prop hub and ring gear, putting on the HV-2000 rear oil case and installing the balancer: $600.

To do the work listed above, and also install the rods, pistons, rings and cylinders, $1,000 ($600 for closing the case, plus $400)

To do all of the above, plus install the heads, valve train, and finishing components, and test run the engine $2,000. ($600 for closing the case, plus $400 for the pistons/rods/cyls., plus $1,000 to finish and run the engine.)


In the next few weeks I will give some examples of builds and costs, and link them to the bottom of this story




Top view of a Corvair built in our shop, showing 2400-L starter arrangement. Engines built in 2016 will follow the path of ordering the main parts from the Wesemans, selecting the systems parts from us, and choosing the level of assembly labor. This format offers better scheduling, customization, and a better understanding of which items are included on a finished engine.


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