Outlook 2016, Corvair College #38, Cloverdale CA, 5/6/16


I have spoken extensively with Doug Dougger of quality Sport Planes, Zenith’s west coast distributor, about returning to his shop in Cloverdale California for another Corvair College. Since we will be on our Western tour: Outlook 2016, College #36 and Western building tour, and holding a Southern California College; Outlook 2016, Corvair College #37 Chino CA, 4/22/16, It makes sense to hold CC #38 in Northern California as a stop on the tour.


Chino and Cloverdale are just 500 miles from each other, and that might seem pretty close for holding two colleges 14 days apart, but there is some logic here. I am going to continue the Western Tour up into OR and WA, making house calls and holding night schools, but right now we don’t have a full College in the works for either Oregon nor Washington. If a builder from that area wants to attend a full College, they should be forming a plan around #38 at Cloverdale.  Although it may be a drive, it would cut 1,000 miles off a round trip to Chino.


After speaking with many builders, I suspect that CC #37 at Chino will draw Arizona and Southern California builders, and CC #38 will draw the northern builders planning on a full college. Part of the reason why we are not opening up the sign up for the 2016 colleges until mid December is that I want to get them all laid out, so builders can choose the one that makes the most sense for them. (Of course, everyone is welcome to sign up for more than one.) Once we have the Colleges on the trip set up, we will fit in the Western Tour path and detail where we will hold the “Night School” stops. Just for example, we are already working on stops in Hanford, San Jose, and Vacaville in between CC #37 and #38.


To learn more about the excellent facility and the services that Doug provides to builders, check out his website: http://www.qualitysportplanes.com/




Above, a 2007 photo From Cloverdale: Michael Heintz, at left above, joins me in presenting the EAA Copperstate Fly In Award for Best Alternative Engine. This was awarded to Rick Lindstrom, center, for his 601, behind us.  Two weeks earlier, Michael had flown the airplane on an 18-hour round trip to Arizona for the show. Hundreds of Southwest builders got a chance to see Rick’s plane in person, and it was given the award at the end of the weekend. The Photo above as take at Corvair College # 11,  ( http://www.flycorvair.com/cc11.html ) which was held in the same Quality Sport Planes facility that CC #38 will be.  In an industry where it is considered ‘normal’ for an engine company to last just 36 months before going bankrupt, it should be notable that we are still here, returning eight years later for another Corvair College, just part of a 26 year unbroken track record of serving builders.


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  1. William, I am excited that you are coming out west in the spring. Hopefully my RV-3 with a 3100 will be flying by then. We are based at Fresno Chandler, which is about 25 miles from Handford and less than 200 miles from Cloverdale. Although I bought my motor already assembled, it has all your “stuff”. It has about 2 hours ground time and runs well. Looking forward to your visit.

    Bill NEWKIRK,
    Prather, CA

  2. To all that may be attending Cloverdale, CA CC38.
    I have a spare core engine and may be persuaded to part with it and I could bring it to the CC if anyone is interested in it. Please leave a reply to this comment.

    1. Hi Alan I was curious about the engine core you have. I bought one a while back but ended up being in pretty poor condition. Could you give me some details engine and head sn# if you still have available and what you might let it go for. I am hopeing to be in Cloverdale for the college if I can but did not get registered before enrollment ended so talking to Rachel with SPA to see if still possible. Thanks Bart Powell

      1. Bart,

        Thanks for your interest.

        The Case # is T0816RD–code for 1965-69 and 110HP engines The Head’s are 3856759 and the crank is 8409 The guy I bought if from said it was 1966: The crank turns and it’s missing a push rod–may have a bent valve. I have started to take it apart, but haven’t pulled the head yet. As the heads should have new valves and the valve seats redone, this shouldn’t be an issue.

        I have $200 invested, so that’s what I need for it.

        I need to arrange support for my wife who is laid up with a bum knee before I can be sure to go to CC38. I am doing my best to get her and the pets needed support. Send me your email address directly. I am very motivated to get to CC and run my engine.

        Alan 541-531-9245

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