Corvair College #35, Barnwell SC, only 20 seats left


If you are thinking about attending College #35 in Barnwell SC this November 6th to 8th, the time to act is now. This will be our 6th College with P.F. Beck and crew as local hosts. Barnwell is always the largest College of the year, but it does have a size restriction, based on the Saturday night dinner capacity of 115 people. We set the builder limit a bit below that for logistics, but we are already within 20 seats of the limit of builders. These will likely fill in the next week or 10 days.



Ken Pavlou holds the Cherry Grove trophy at CC#31 Barnwell 2014. His aircraft is named “The Blue Speedo.” 


P.F’s crew is always ready for a first class event. I spoke to Dan and Rachel Weseman, (SPA / Weseman 3.3 Liter Corvair now running) and they are planning on attending, and will be glad to transport any item ordered before the college, to the event. Last years Cherry Grove Trophy recipient, Ken Pavlou, (The Cherry Grove Trophy, 2014) is planning another 1,500 flight (1,500 mile Corvair College flight in a 601XL) to Barnwell. Bob Lester will be returning in his Pietenpol, (Pietenpol Builders and Pilots at Corvair College #31.) fresh from a 50 hour Midwest tour. There will be many old friends and some new ones. The will be much to learn and build. You can even see planes like this: Dale Williams – 3,000 cc Cleanex at CC#31.  There is even a rumor that Shelley Tumino and Kevin Purtee ( Guest Writer: Pietenpol builder/flyer Kevin Purtee)will show up. Barnwell is sure to be a great event.




Above, CC#31 tech discussion: these take the form of 15 to 20 minutes of presentation and questions and answers, and then the group breaks up and goes directly back to hands on work. Here I hold the prop and A&P mechanic Katie Fox works the gauges to teach differential compression testing on Chuck Cambell’s 30 minute old Pietenpol engine. This is real hands on learning.


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  1. This is why I love this page, and why I am so excited about being a part of this process.

  2. William, I tried the Barnwell signup link and it appears to be closed. I’m not yet a builder but would like to attend Barnwell because it is nearby (I’m in Charlotte) and want to start my learning process ahead of actually starting a build.

    Thanks, Frank

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