Woody Harris and 601XL at Arlington Airshow


For Corvair builders heading to the Arlington airshow, be advised that our “Man on the West Coast” Woody Harris, is on the airport with his green and yellow 601XL. Woody is our West Coast rep, and he has a full selection of manuals and DVDs with him.


Woody Harris and Sebastien Heintz in front of Woody's 601 at QSP open house May 5, 2012

 Woody needs little excuse to fly places; Above he is speaking with Sebastien Heintz, president of Zenith Aircraft, at a West Coast Zenith fly in at Quality Sport Planes in Santa Rosa. This facility was the site of Corvair College #11.


 Woody’s plane is sharing space with Quality Sport Planes, Zenith’s West Coast dealer based in Cloverdale CA. It has flown to more states than any other Corvair powered plane. He is a fountain of good experience, as he has nearly 500 hours on his plane. It has been flown from coast to cost, Oshkosh, and countless west coast trips with many appearances at Copper States in AZ, and Arlington in WA.


Although Woody’s plane has been flying for seven years, we keep him supplied with the most up to date parts for his 2,850cc Corvair, such as our new 2400-L ultra light weight starter, so builders studying his installation are actually looking at a current, state of the art, Corvair installation. If you are headed to Arlington, stop in and introduce yourself, you will find Woody to be a fun, first class aviation and a great guy.



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