Closing a case at a College, Part #3


Here are the next 3 Groups in a “Completely Closed Case.”

2000 Rear oil Case Group

2100 Harmonic Balancer Group

2400 Starter Group





Above, Rear quarter view of an engine. It is a 3,000 cc engine with a GM 8409 crank prepped by the Weseman’s with one of their Gen.II  5th bearings. Visible in the photo is our #2000-HV rear oil cases. The cylinders and pistons are from our 3,000 cc Kit. They are the next step after getting through a “Completely Closed Case.” Before closing any case, it is a good idea to read: All about Dipsticks, Part #2206 .


2000 Rear oil Case Group

This group covers everything in the rear oil case. Although a handful of people rework their own rear case, the majority of builders opt to purchase an #2000-HV rebuilt unit from us. It covers every part in the group. Having one constitutes “checking off” all the individual numbers in the 2000 Group. You can see a report on how this part is made here:  High Volume Oil Pump .

Rear oil case group (2000)

2001- Rear oil case casting

2002- Rear oil seal

2003- 5/16 hold down hardware

2004- 3/8 hold down hardware

2005- Case to block gasket

2006– Oil pump assembly

2007- Oil pump gaskets

2008- Oil pressure regulator piston

2009- Oil pressure regulator spring

2010- Oil pressure regulator plug

2011- Plug washer

2012- Adjustable pressure regulator, (was 2010-A)

We are working on having a CNC version of #2012. To this point, all the ones we have used were hand made by me on the shop lathe, and each of them took about 90 minutes to make, and had about $20 of individual parts. This is OK for prototyping and testing, but not affordable for production to builders. The part is a 1 minute retrofit on any engine, including a fully assembled one. As soon as we have these done, we will let everyone interested know. You can read the story about them here: Adjustable Oil Pressure Regulator, #2010A .


2100 Harmonic Balancer Group

This group is covered in detail in the new manual. The two elements of the group are below, and you will need both of them to completely close the case. If you don’t have them, they can be added later, but it is a nice part of the compete case assembly to look at it and see it from the safety shaft nut to the bolt holding the balancer and know that everything in between is fully done and ready to go flying.

2101- Harmonic balancer

2102- Balancer bolt and washer

To learn more about the details of installing a balancer, please read this full story before getting to the college:   Balancer Installation.


2400 Starter Group

The reason why the starter group is an element of closing a case is because a builder must have a #2408- Ring gear to bolt the prop hub on the engine for good. While this part can be ordered individually, most builders opt to pick up the while group on one shot.  We have this full group as complete kit, with the ultra light weight #2401-L Starter, covered under the single part #2400 -L. Ordering this group covers every part in the 2400 Group, and again allows the builder to “check off ” all the individual numbers in the group.  The story covering this can be rear here:  2400-L Starter


2401- Starter.

2402- Starter mounting brackets

2403- Tail bracket.

2404- Fine gear.

2406- Top cover gasket.

2406- Top cover gasket.

2407- 5/16″-18 Top cover hardware.

2408- Ring gear.


On to part #4……….

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  1. all your hard work has made me work harder. At times the internet conflicts pull away from my concentration but like you say keep focused on getting to the top of the mountain. Soon I’ll be at the altitude were I’ll need oxygen. Man that mountain is tall 🙂

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