Friendly reminder on manual upgrades


A while back we asked anyone who wished to upgrade to the new manual to send in their address. We sent out a notice of the reduced price of manual for upgrades, and then sent out a large number of manuals, to all the addresses we received.


We understand when things fall through the cracks every now and then, but it has caught my attention that nearly 50% of the builders we sent the manual to did not get around to returning the registration page nor the payment. If you are one of the builders who didn’t have a chance to take care of this, I thank you in advance for doing so now. -ww,


If you have any questions, you can send a direct email to me at:




Blast from the Past, Oshkosh 2003:

Gentleman aviator Marv Hoppenworth with William Wynne.

“One happy meeting that sums up the whole experience was recognizing and meeting Jay’s Hoppenworth’s father, Marv . At Brodhead, Jay had shared pictures and stories of his parents, who had met and gone flying in an L-4 on one of their first dates. A few days after Brodhead, we met the man himself at Oshkosh. Marv is truly old school EAA, and it was an honor and pleasure to meet the father who was so obviously his son’s hero.”


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  1. When I ordered (and paid for) the manual upgrade, I assumed that the registration and products rights agreement that I signed when I bought my old manual were still binding. Do you want new ones?

    1. Dave,

      They are, but it still helps us to have updated ones, because I can then tell who is working from an up to date manual, and we also have your most current physical address on paper in the files. -ww.

  2. William,

    Still trying to reach you for an upgrade (I bought goodies years ago, 2009 perhaps?). In any event, that engine went to the Corvair Cruiser and I am working on a Cleanex now so I need to do this again. If you don’t have my records, then that’s ok, but I need to see how to order and I don’t see where.


    Samer Najia

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