Thought for the Day: “Foolproof -1950”

“It was far easier to make anything “Fool Proof” in 1950 than today. This is simply because the percentage of the population that qualifies as fools today is a lot higher, and there is plenty of evidence that the depth of stupidity is constantly advancing. Thus “Fool proof 1950” is actually a much lower standard of protection than “Fool Proof 1985″, and at some not so distant future date, the whole concept of anything being able to be made fool proof will just be theoretical, discussed as an abstract idea.” -ww-2104




The concept that the term fool proof needed a date attached to it came in a phone call from Mark Petz of Falcon several years ago. He just blurted it out in a moment of frustration speaking of a builder that pulled the head studs out of his case one by one, never stopping to consider that the head torque value of 125 foot pounds might be 100 pounds over the desired number. My contribution to the dated foolproof concept was only to carry it to it’s inevitable conclusion that ‘fool proof’ as a useful word was just about done.


If you are out driving around on black Friday, threading your way through people who believe that scrolling through their smart phone while driving is somehow different than texting and driving, you may have a moment of awareness, and see with clarity where much of society is headed. I am going out to work in the hangar, because it is my form of driving in the other direction.

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  1. My favorite incident proving the world is heading to the cellar is the guy who bought a Winnebago motor home, and during a drive decided to put it in cruise control and leave the driver’s seat to go to the galley and make a sandwich. Said motor home, now driverless, went off the road and was destroyed. Whereupon said idiot sued Winnebago because they never told him the cruise control wouldn’t steer the motor home – and won the lawsuit! Time to weep for the republic.

  2. A year or two ago, my old friend and I were looking at photography of Dennis Rodman and the North Korean dictator. It provoked thoughts between us about how street walkers, especially those who have children, have honor of which so-called journalists are completely devoid.
    That the existence of a N Korean palace with its orgies and debauchery shows the intent of Karl Marx and his liberation of a classless society. At gunpoint.
    That here are two world figures, both champions of woman and child abuse, who are envied and imitated by so many.
    How being short-sightedly stupid, rude and uncouth like they are is wildly popular.
    When we think of our grandparents, their devotion to duty, their uncompromising honor, their refined gentleness, their mental stamina, their prodigious capacity to work, their ability to read, think and speak deeply, their selfless love for us and the Lord Jesus, all such and more – we blush with tears.
    So I said to my good friend, “You know, that photo of two world figures demolishes the theory of evolution.”
    “How is that?”
    “Well, its central theme is that man is getting smarter and I don’t see that happening.”

  3. The above and many more examples proves a theory. The theory goes ” The more we try to make something idiot proof the more someone makes a better idiot”. Case in point is the bottle of eye glass cleaner that states “Do not spray in eyes”.

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