Thought for the Day: Time…..Your enemy.

“When I was little, I wanted to be Jacques Cousteau. It hasn’t worked out that way.  Sad but true, the lasting portion of my working life boils down to what I have done with the Corvair. In reality, I am neither overly proud of it nor ashamed of it, just OK with it.


This said, none of my work is to show cheap people what they can get  away with. My work is to show people willing to make a serious investment of  themselves (mostly time), that there are great rewards awaiting the individual  who perseveres on his own terms.


In 30 years I will likely be dead and  forgotten. Between now and then I plan on spending as much of my time as  possible in the company on people who want to learn build, fly and have a good  time. If I ever seem short with some ideas, it is because my experience allows me to see something that many people miss: This vital finite resource isn’t money, it’s time.


Not in the free time sense, but in the years left sense. If you’re not young, nor a millionaire, then you have to make your shot count, you’re not going to get a do-over on this. Let my experience work to your advantage. Build as simple as a plane as you can, work on it every day you can, and understand that some components on it, like the carb, are going to cost money.


There is a combination of simplicity/effort/money that can get a great number of people flying. You can be one of them, and the odds that you will be go up dramatically if you use my experience to avoid every mistake I made and paid for.” -ww-2o12.




Cousteau, Jacques

Jacques Cousteau, 1910-1997. His first love was flying, and he graduated from the French Naval Academy in 1933 to be a pilot, but was prevented by a near fatal car accident. He fought for the resistance in WWII. He went on to be a great scientist, explorer, inventor, writer and the best kind of environmentalist. No popular figure today can hold a candle to the richness of this man’s life.

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  1. An interesting parallel, I to wanted to be Jacques Cousteau when I grew up but then Jaws came out and I decided my love of aircraft might be safer passion to pursue. Not that I jump to hysterics, I spent a fair amount of time on the local fishing pier and knew all too well that sharks were a lot more common then the people at the adjacent public beach wanted to know. They had a rather large 8’+ hammerhead nicknamed Herman that discovered the pier was a great place to find a easy meal and the local Sheriff’s dept dispatched a sharp shooter to eliminate the threat of his regular appearances.

  2. Well said! I’m very near that age that you said you would be in 30 years. I will add that the time flies faster than any plane I ever flew in.

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