2015 Corvair Colleges – Locations and Dates.


Here is a look at the 2015 Corvair College Schedule:




Corvair College #32

San Marcos Texas. 27 Feb – 1 Mar, Local Hosts Shelley Tumino and Kevin Purtee. Same location as CC #28, Sign up active just after 1 Nov. 2014.




Corvair College #33

Palatka Florida 17 -19 April, Local hosts Grace, William and ScoobE, Same location as CC#23. sign up active in January 2015.




Corvair College #34

Mexico Missouri Mid September, the Tues.-Weds.- Thurs. before the Zenith Open House. Local Hosts Sebastien Heintz and crew at Zenith. Same location as CC#26 and #30. Sign up goes live just before Oshkosh.




Corvair College #35

Barnwell South Carolina, 6-8 November, Local hosts ‘PF Beck and friends’. Same location as CC#19, #21, #24, #27 and #31. Sign up goes live just before Oshkosh.




Corvair College in California 2015?

West coast builders: We are strongly considering a California College in 2015. We held CC#5 in Hanford, #11 In Cloverdale, and #13 and #18 in Livermore. For 2015, I am split between using Chino or holding another college in Cloverdale. The options look like this:

1) College in Chino,  2) College in Cloverdale, 3)One day fly-in and heavy tech seminar on Saturday at Chino, 3 ‘night school’ stops in the middle, and one day fly-in and tech seminar following Saturday at Cloverdale.

I am inclined toward #3, but I am interested in feed back on this, please use the comments section and specify which month you prefer. Before anyone votes for the end of July, let me remind them of a small gathering I am required to attend called “Oshkosh.”




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Pietenpol builder Mark Chouinard savoring the prop blast of the Corvair engine he assembled Corvair College #30. This has a lot more pride and meaning than buying an engine or doing the minimum amount to work to a flymart relic to get it going. This is a fully overhauled, zero-timed aircraft engine. But the real product in the picture is the change in capability and perspective of the man that chooses to learn and build rather than to simply buy. -ww.


15 Replies to “2015 Corvair Colleges – Locations and Dates.”

  1. May through Sep. 860 miles from 81423 not that bad a trip and could go surfing besides. May make Mexico MO, but that’s further, yet family is that direction. No complaint, you must be putting in 10,000+ on the road, which is heroic. Thanks! Like Chino airport a lot. For a congested area, it is the coolest, funkiest, down home. Have the Flo’s Airport Cafe T shirt. Happy to learn Livermore.

  2. I Vote for Cloverdale, it would save me a little of 400 miles compaired to the trip to Mexico. Chino would still be shorter than Mexico but not by as much. I would like to see a full college and will probably go back to Mexico next year if there isn’t a full college in California.

  3. I prefer #1 in May/June. I will be going to San Marcos again in any event, but I would like to have a college closer to home.

  4. #3 would be best to cover both ends of the state, and maybe pick up a few in AZ and OR. Im much closer to Chino, so #1 would be my second choice. Late August thru September is the hottest and generally no good for me due to our EXPO at EAA 96 in Compton. Any other month is fine.

  5. Chino’s my first choice. I’m definitely in for that! I agree with Spring/early Summer. West coast needs a current Corvair College!

  6. My first choice by far is Chino, only for the selfish reason that I’m in Washington State and will be driving down. Preferably driving down with engine pieces in my truck and driving home with it built and broke-in in the back of the truck 😉

    1. Michael;
      Your logic is good, your geography needs a small tune up; Cloverdale is 500 miles NORTH of Chino, so you should vote for Cloverdale, it would cut 1,000 miles off the round trip for you. -ww.

  7. Dear William I just turned 62 and live less than a hour away from Coverdale. Iv,e never built an engine,and I would like to learn. I have stick and rudder exp. from 30 years a go. In a sailplane. I need to learn to fly agin. I type using one finger bye for now

  8. California CC: My vote is for Cloverdale. Aug (a little warm) or Sept. I still have my core from CC 18 to build.

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