3,000cc Corvair parts for sale in Canada

We received word today that these parts sold in 12 hours. For many years it was accepted that alternative engines had low resale value; and the parts for them even lower. Here is evidence that this does not apply to the Corvair parts we sell and the conversions we teach people to build. I thought Trevor was offering a very good deal, it sold fast enough to say it wasn’t just a good deal, but perhaps an excellent one.

Not all Corvair projects work like that. A few months ago a guy was selling a Corvair on Barnstormers; the guy had come to CC#18 with an engine with a planetary drive, 140 heads and a large car carb. He had big plans and a ‘Local expert’ he was working with. Evidently he had some type of awakening, and had the engine for sale for $7,500, maybe half of what he had in it. I hope no one bought it for that. At Oshkosh 2013 there was essentially the same engine in the flymart, and it sold for $900. I took it apart for the guy who bought it he later felt he might have paid $900 too much for it.

I genuinely hope that every single part we sell goes flying with the guy who bought it, but it doesn’t always work out that way. It is good to know that the parts bought from us hold value, and aircraft built using them carry value.

In early 2008 we sold our simple 601XL for $51,000; When Dan Weseman sold his ‘Wicked Cleanex’ four years ago, it brought $37,500. Chris Smith’s ‘Son of Cleanex sold to it’s second owner for $37,500 also. These are simple examples that well built planes powered with quality Corvair engines, built from good parts, hold their value. On the other side of the coin, there are plenty of pieces of trash floating around, particularly junk that came from now bankrupt LLC’s , that has no value today.

There will always be people who shop with trash peddlers and other building something ‘special’, guided by a ‘local expert’. People going those routes are often trying to ‘save money’, but in the end it is often the most expensive route possible.



We got word from one of our Canadian builders in Northern Ontario that he is unable to continue with his airplane and 3 Liter Corvair project. He is selling the engine parts below, which is a very good start on a 3,000 cc engine.  It still needs the heads done, (but cores have already been shipped to Falcon), it needs an Oil system, a starter a distributor and some small items. The total spent below is about $6,500US, the builder is looking for a quick sale at equivalent of $5,000US. I have met the man in person and can verify that all the items below are from us and the Wesemans.

This is a good opportunity for a Canadian builder to get a strong running start, because the parts are already past the point of import tax, but the sale offer is open to any builder on either side of the border.


The owner of the project is Trevor Leslie he can be contacted directly at his email address:



“Engine has been assembled to the short block stage.

The asking price DOES NOT include rebuilding of the heads!”

  • Original block which is from a 67’ (T0326RH) Machined to accept 3000CC cylinders

  • Original Crank GM 8409 prepped by Dan Weseman with Gen 2 5th bearing

  • New  Federal Mogul main bearings (0.10) and connecting rod bearings (0.10)

  • New OT-10 Cam with thrust washer, key and “fail-safe” cam gear.

  • New Sealed Power HT-817 hydraulic lifters

  • New Piston set with wrist pins, ring set and connecting rods

  • Flycorvair.com  3000CC kit,  pistons cyls.  rods

  • New powder coated pushrod tubes(flycorvair.com)

  • Short gold hub (flycorvair.com 2501(B))

  • Hybrid studs (2502)

  • Safety Shaft (2503)

  • Modified ring gear (2408)

  • Oil Cooler Block Off kit


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