Looking for Volmer VJ-22 plans

Note: I wrote the post below and was contacted by Ken Harris of Texas, who had a new unused set of Volmer  plans which I bought from him. Ken also asked that I mention he also has an unused set of Davis DA-2 plans for sale, if anyone is interested, contact me, I will share Ken’s contact info. -ww



I am looking for a set of Volmer plans to buy. I am not going to build the plane, I just would like to study the relationship between the CG range of the wing, the location of the step on the hull and the amount of dead rise at different stations.


There are two different sources for plans on the net, and I can’t tell which one is the real source, or if both are, or maybe neither, thus this request. If any builder out there has a set of actual plans I could buy, please drop me an e-mail at WilliamTCA@aol.com



Claude Delebruere ‘s Corvair powered Volmer in a photo taken about 10 years ago.


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