New voltage regulator source. ( #3501)


Zenith 601XL builder/Pilot Ken Pavlou sent me this information to pass along to builders. Ken has one of these in his own plane, and it works perfectly.  In our numbering system Group 3500 is the airframe charging group, and part #3501 is the voltage regulator.  This partical manufacturer part number is J4900, made in the USA by Jimco: . It is Just $65 direct from Jimco.


Anytime a part is made in America, works great, and costs 25%, (yes 1/4 the price) of the John Deere part that is made in China,  you can see the hand of grotesque corporate profiteering revealed.  I see countless examples every month where the American made item is actually lower priced than the Chinese one. I bought a Class 3 trailer hitch a while back: most expensive one, Reese, made in China, lowest priced Curt, made in Wisconsin. So much for the argument that exporting jobs was the fault of US labor costs.


Visual ID



Replacement for




Airframe charging group (3500)

3501- Voltage regulator

3502- PMOV

3503- Master solenoid

3504- Power bus/fuse box

3505- Main electrical pass through

3506- Battery


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  1. According to a few articles in newspapers, there are faint (so far) signs that some business leaders are beginning to realize that in shipping so many good manufacturing jobs overseas and keeping wages as low as possible , they actually have hurt their sales because underpaid workers can’t afford to buy their products, and this disparity is a MAJOR cause of the weak recovery – we have a consumer economy that demands that people buy stuff for the economy to thrive. People who have been laid off and don’t have jobs don’t buy much stuff, people who don’t make much money don’t buy much stuff and people who are afraid they will lose their jobs don’t buy much stuff. These business leaders have completely forgotten that Henry Ford raised the salaries of his workers building Model Ts so that they could afford to buy the cars they were building. Today it’s ALL about the Benjamins…..

  2. Thanks, Ken, and, FlyCorvair is THE best. Thanks for re-intensifying the faded colors of our flag. (It’s that, not the dollars so much, that evokes my comment.)

  3. Hopefully anyone purchasing this unit will get better results than I did. Ran mine twice on the ground and I found it unsatisfactory with some weird no charge light indications and liquid leaking out of the case around the pins.

    Being recently installed but purchased a number of months ago meant that no warranty would be given. Replacing it with a genuine JD unit cured all the concerns that I had while using the “Jimco” unit.

    If you’ve purchased a J4900 and it works for you that’s great. Perhaps I got a rare bad one but the faulty regulator and customer service makes me understand that buying the good stuff will save me more money and less aggravation in the long run.

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