Zenvairs ruled the skies over the northeast!


The title above was sent in with this photo by Ken Pavlou. He now has just about completed his phase one testing, and it has gone without a single flaw. Ken organized two other Corvair/Zenith pilots to fly in a formation around his area over the weekend. Below is a photo of all three on the ramp.



Left to right, Three Corvair powered Zenith 601XL’s. Ken Pavlou, Rodger Pritchard and Louis Leung’s planes in a row. Ken said the flight was a lot of fun and a nice way to conclude phase one.


All three of these Northeast builders attended Corvair College #14 in Lowell MA. Both Rodger and Louis have flown their planes to Oshkosh.  All three of the planes are powered by 100 HP, 2,700 cc standard Corvair engines, all assembled, maintained and mastered by each of these builders. There are many engine options available to Zenith builders, but the Corvair offers a unique combination of affordability and the opportunity to become an expert on your power plant, not just it’s owner.


To learn more about the combination, click on:

Zenith 601/650 – Corvair reference page November 2013




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Photos from CC#14 – Lowell MA – click on links:







4 Replies to “Zenvairs ruled the skies over the northeast!”

  1. Since you’ve been involved with flying Corvair engines for 25 years, are you going to recap some of the highlights as a part of your quarter century involvement?

  2. What can we do to persuade you to hold another Corvair College in the Northeast?
    (The War of Northern Aggression is over, and we welcome folks from the South up here again).
    -Art Blake

    1. Art,
      I was actually born in Pittsburgh, grew up in places like Thailand and Hawaii, went to high school in NJ and moved to Florida in 1984. Thus,I have lived in Florida for more than half my life, but to natives, I am still a Yankee. Vern, who was born here points out that if you are from the north, and visit, you are a Yankee, and if you move here and stay, you are a Damn Yankee.

      Primary problem with northern colleges is weather. In the summer months, we are consumed with Oshkosh prep. From October to May, it can be hard to predict good weather for standing in an unheated hangar of 18 hours a day for three days in a row and wrenching on engines, not to mention flying. Even at Barnwell SC, first week in November, it generally dips below freezing at night, but the temp rebounds during the day in a way it would not north of the Mason-Dixon.

      One thought we have been working on is holding a smaller sub-College at Phil Maxon’s in western NJ. He is at a very good airport with a good setting, somewhat central to the North East, but again, we have to think about the seasonal issues. I am always glad to hear ideas and thoughts on this, it makes me feel good to hear of builders who want to be part of Colleges.

      1. Mr. Wynne,
        I grew up in north-central Jersey. No family members living there, but it is still “home”.
        I would definitely be interested in attending even a Corvair Kindergarten or, in my case, a daycare) in that area. That would be within a day’s schlepp, hence doable.
        I appreciate the problems with cold when you get up here. I read peoples’ comments about whether or not to fly when it is 40 F. We have to decide whether or not to fly when it is – 40 F !
        Thanks for taking the time to write me a personal reply.

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