Mickey Wynne turns 87 today.


How do you express your gratitude to the person you owe your very existence to? Simply put, you can’t. My mother, Emma Marie Heuer, aka “Mickey Wynne” turns 87 years old today. She has given our family a sterling example of kindness and compassion to follow. Every element of human decency and empathy that resides in me owes its absolute origin directly to her.


img008 Above, my mother at age 26, standing in front of their 1951 Buick super eight Convertible. Mom had just had my older brother 6 weeks before. My father was being shelled in Korea at the moment of his son’s birth. You can read the story of my brother’s arrival at this link:

MCW is 60 today.


The finest hours of my life, those I gave to others, all bear the indelible prints of my mothers faith, that kindness and forgiveness are the ultimate virtues. In the four score and seven years she has been on this earth, she has never wavered in her belief, nor missed a chance to demonstrate her fidelity to it. She is held in the hearts of all who know her.


On this mother’s day I wish everyone a peaceful hour of reflection on the lives of the women that each of us owe our very existence to.


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