Headed to Corvair College #29 the 27th -31st


We will be out of the shop from the 27th to the 31st for Corvair College #29 in Leesburg FL. We have been prepping long hours for the event. Of great assistance in this has been 601XL builder and flyer Lynn Dingfelder from Cory PA. He has been working in the shop with Vern and I all week. Over the years he has done this several times since 2006. He blends right in with us, and helps out a lot. He manufactured a pile of case stands and hub stands for engines to eliminate builders from waiting at futures Colleges for these specialty tools to be available. The tripled the number of engines we can have in the stands at any one stage. This will have a positive effect on builders at colleges for many, many years to come. Lynn is an extraordinary guy, but the spirit of doing something to assist builders who will follow you is very strong in the Corvair movement.



Lynn Dingfelder’s  601 XL at CC#25 in Florida, 2013. “Lynn had previously flown the plane to CC #20 in Michigan. After the College, Lynn took a short tour of southern Florida and then headed to SnF, where his aircraft was on display at the Zenith booth all week. Lynn is very mechanically inclined, and he has very good judgment, but he is relatively new to flying. He got his sport pilot license four years ago and has slowly and carefully accumulated a few hundred hours, gradually expanding his personal flight envelope. His experience and path is an excellent model for anyone new to homebuilding and flying. “



Above from 2013: the Zenith booth at Sun n Fun. Lynn Dingfelder’s  601XLB with 2,700cc Corvair. The engine has a Weseman bearing and is fed with an Elison EFS-3A.  The installation is right out of our parts catalog. The Plane was the 25th ^01/Corvair to fly. Today there are more than 70 of them.

2012, Lynn Dingfelder’s 601XL(B) at the Zenith open house in Mexico MO.

Blast from the past, from our website 2010, Corvair College #20 coverage: “The pilots of Corvair College #20, from left to right: Lynn Dingfelder, Joe Horton, Mark Langford, and Dr. Gary Ray.”

Blast from the past, from our web page in 2008: “Above, the 25th Corvair powered 601 to fly was built by our friend Lynn Dingfelder from Corry, Penn. Lynn’s plane features an engine he crafted himself utilizing our Conversion parts. The engine was cowled and installed using virtually every component available from our Catalog. Lynn is a very friendly guy who has been to our hangar as well as a number of airshows. We look forward to seeing him fly into many of the same events at 2009. Hats off to Lynn Dingfelder for proving yet again that persistence pays. “




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