48 Hours until Corvair College #29 Cutoff.


We are now down to the last 48 hours to sign up. The cutoff is Thursday night 9pm EST. The sing up is:



for more information:

Corvair College #29, close to last call.


Below is a photo tribute to my friend Ken Pavlou, the man who takes care of all of the on line sign up for the colleges. Everything we do has been assisted by the contributions of friends, both large and small. Ken’s assistance with our efforts has been priceless over the years. Besides the sign up, he also Co-Hosted CC#14, he set up the software for this blog, he has been the life of many cookouts at Oshkosh, and he once drove several hundred miles in a blinding snowstorm with me, in a 2wd pickup of mine, towing a trailer with no brakes, with a Zenith on it we needed to deliver. He thought it was fun.


There is a joke that originated in NJ that goes like this: Friends are people who would help you move, real friends are people who would help you move a human body.” Ken is that kind of friend.



Photo taken January 2014, in our backyard in Florida.


Ken at Oshkosh 2013:

Ken in 2009, introductions at Corvair College #14 “he has a long  list of accomplishments: emigrating from Greece at age 8, he has gone on to earn an electrical engineering degree, become a registered nurse and skilled pilot. Happily married  and the father of two, he’s also the State Ballroom Dancing Champion of Connecticut (no kidding). Not bad for a guy who’s barely 40.”

At Ken’s house in 2008: striking a pose with his Corvair.

Oshkosh 2007 cookout, Ken brings his engine.  We had a wonderful evening enjoying Ken’s childhood memories,  worthy of any national comedy tour.


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