New stories this weekend.


We are back from our great College in Texas, but we are now only 22 days from our College in Florida. To cover all the events and topics on the table, we are working to have 6-8 new stories this weekend on this website.


I am sending out this advanced notice because builders who check in only once or twice a week occasionally miss the first story or two when we publish a chain of them in quick succession. With CC#29 just around the corner, it is important that builders catch a quick read on all of the topics we cover, and not get inadvertently excluded for an event.


While we were in Texas our phone machine filled up as it does from time to time. Our phone/internet line was put back in order by ATT today at noon for the first time in 36 hours. We have a little catching up to do on communications, but know the answering machine is now clear and the line is re-established with an all-new router system. The Coffee pot is full and we have several stories pre-written for publication. This promises to be a very good weekend for communication of ideas, stories and enthusiasm.


The story topics include:


Corvair College #28 coverage including photos.

Corvair College #29 sign up in progress and prep work.

More notes on Corvair weight and balance

Updates on wiring your project.

Update on 601 builder Spenser Rice, (JRB)

Notes on engines for sale on the internet.

Oil line options for builders.

Engine displays at Sun n Fun.


Stay tuned, it will have a better effect on your flying season than watching television.-ww.

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