Prices going up Monday night 2/24


Since the beginning of the year I have been conducting cost reviews on all of the parts and services we offer. Over the last few years we have slowly evolved a number of our products without raising prices. Additionally, a number of our machine shops have slowly raised their prices to us. To address these issues, we are going to modestly change many, but not all the prices on our catalog page:


Keep in mind that being willing to do work yourself has a very large effect on the cost of your engine.  If an engine importer raises his price, that’s it, pay it or don’t progress. With our program, the majority of the cost increases we are implementing address the fact I have severely underpriced our shop labor rate.  Most aircraft maintenance shops bill at $80/hr., which is still less than most people pay to have their car worked on.


After building small batches of parts like starters and oil covers without interruption, I found out we were working on some parts for under $20/hr. Obviously we are not going to have a 400% price increase, but we do have to change some things.


Keep in mind you can’t actually complain about my shop rate if I am willing to come to your state, hold a college and train you for free to do the same work on your own engine, and then supervise you doing it and test run it for you. I have always trained guys to do as much as they like on their project, but if you would like to leave parts of it in our hands, it is going to be slightly more expensive after Monday night.



The change is going to go into effect around midnight on Monday the 24th. We are sending this out so builders who were thinking about getting a particular item can order it before the increase goes into effect.


If any builder has a question on any part, please email me with you phone number and a time I can call you back. We are starting to pack for CC#28 in Texas, but I will make time to get back to everyone on Monday.


Again, I would like to remind builders, that having an “order” with us means that the builder has sent payment or paid on line. In the case of complete engines, it means we have a deposit for your engine on hand. We do have people who just send us an email saying “bring a mount to Oshkosh for me …” That does not constitute an order. I would need an army of mechanics and a fleet of 18 wheelers to make and bring to Oshkosh every part anonymous people said they were going to buy. More realistically, we try to focus on regular orders made through regular means.



1) If you have a part on order with us, it will be delivered at the original price.

2) If you are one of the 4 people who have an engine ordered with us, and you have sent us the deposit without specifying all the options on your engine, the engine options will be priced at the original level, even if you specify them later.

3) If you have a part in the shop, like an engine in for a teardown inspection, and we quoted a price, it stays where quoted, even if the work is yet to be paid for.

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  1. Gee William, I think your work is worth more than $20/hr!!!

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll order my 3L kit this evening.


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