My Favorite Dog photo, – January 2009


I drank too much coffee and it is now 3:35 am, so I am just combing through photos to finish a couple of technical posts on Instrumentation and Human factors. I came across this photo from Super bowl Sunday 2009. It is one of my favorites:


Above ScoobE’s first plane flight. He, Grace and I are aloft just before sunset in Grace’s 1946 Taylorcraft. We had only had him a short while then, and had not learned how to keep up with how fast his hair grows. It looks like a paw, but that is actually an ear draped over Grace’s wrist. His front paws are on her elbow. Out the window you can see a swath of Northern Florida. This was the only flight ScoobE did without hearing protection. Since then he has his own set of Mutt-Muffs. I was concerned that he might panic in the flight, but as it turned out he fell asleep in about 5 minutes and only woke up on final.-ww.

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  1. William-Taylorcrafts had the same effect on me. My Dad’s first plane was a T craft which he rebuilt and then learned to fly in. He and his instructor would put me in the canvas sack behind the seat when I was 3 and we would go to flight breakfasts in western Iowa. I would watch out the window as we took off and flew over the tank farm near the end of the runway. I would then sleep until we would land at our destination. I would get our and go have pancakes. I will never forget my Dad for giving me such wonderful memories. It is why I am building a plane.

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