50 days until CC#28, and a look at CC#22


Here is another encouragement to get in gear and sign up for our Texas College in 50 days. Below I have links to a number of stories from our last Texas event, CC#22 two years ago. One of the links is  “College tech,” a group of photos and a short film that few builders have seen.

Above, with me is Blaine Schwartz of  Texas, a Zenith 750 builder. His engine ran at CC#22, and his plane in nearly finished now.


Builders who would like to get all the details on how to sign up for CC#28 can click on this link:

53 Days until Corvair College #28.


For those who still need a little convincing, let me say that we have 40 builders signed up already, and we are space limited at this event, so if you wait too long, you will not be happy. Kevin and Shelley, our local hosts, are already sending out information briefs to all the builders who have already signed up. These builders are prepping to have an outstanding event and a productive season. To get in on this you must act.


Click on this link: College Tech . It has lots of engine and builder photos from CC#22.


Above, Craig Anderson of South Dakota with his Weseman bearing equipped 2,850 cc Corvair in process at CC#22. His engine is now running on the front end of his restored Stits SA-7 Skycoupe. This is actually the same airframe that was our 2002-2003 company testbed shown in this link: 2,700cc-Skycoupe-2002 Photos. Craig has done an outstanding job of overhauling and upgrading the old bird, and I look forward to seeing it airborne again.


To get a look at the detailed story of Blaine Schwartz’s 2,850 running, click on this link: Schwartz
Engine Runs at CC #22


To get a look at Becky Shipman’s 2,700 running at CC#22 click on this link: Shipman
Engine at CC#22


To make sure that I can write a story about your engine running, click on this link:



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