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Below are links you can click on in sequence that follow through a detailed series I wrote on Getting Started in Corvair building. They are detailed and long, but successful builders tend to spend the time to learn and make better choices. I wonder about people who decide to buy an engine or a plane of any kind after reading a 4 page sales brochure with less than 200 words on it. Hardly due diligence in a ‘flyer beware’ marketplace. If you would like to start with a simple three page spec sheet on the engine, read this link first: Basic Corvair information

Conversely, we offer a very detailed picture of exactly what Corvairs are about, what you can learn and achieve by building one, and the infinite ways you can build one that will conform to you needs, goals, skills, timeline and budget. The Corvair can be made to fit your project, you don’t have to rearrange your plans and budget to serve the company that is selling you an engine. Sounds funny when you put it that way, but that is just what most people do.

I could drive myself to madness by concerning myself with what the masses will or might do. In experimental aviation you don’t have to be concerned with what ‘most’ people are buying or doing (unless your goal is to be like everyone else rather that being yourself), you need only find the right path for you. Corvairs are not for everyone. The strongest appeal are to homebuilders with traditional goals of Learning, building and flying. Many people interested in experimental aviation today have short attention spans and shallow goals. They want to posses skills but are unwilling to learn; They want to have things but are unwilling to make them; they are unable to differentiate between going for a ride in a plane and being an Aviator.

If you want to learn, I have long proven I have things to teach; if you wish to build and be the master of your engine, we have a proven path; If you long to find your place among real aviators, we have a home for you. You do not need any prior experience, just a willingness to learn and a positive attitude. In 24 years we have shared our experience with hundreds of builders. If your goals match our strengths, we will be glad to work with you. -ww.

Getting Started in 2013, part #1, Crankshaft process options.

Getting Started in 2013, Part #2, Group numbering system

Getting Started in 2013, Part #3, The Camshaft Group (1100)

Getting Started in 2013, Part #4, Case Group (1200)

Getting Started in 2013, Part #5, ‘Allan Able’ short block.

Getting Started in 2013, Part #6, ‘Bob Baker’ short block

Getting Started in 2013, Part #7, ‘Chas. Charlie’ Short Block

Getting Started in 2013, Part #8, ‘Davie Dog’ Short Block

Getting Started in 2013, Part #9, ‘Eddie Easy’ short block.

Getting Started in 2013, Part #10, Piston and Cylinder options.

Getting started in 2013, Part #11, Comment of the day

Getting Started in 2013, Part #12, Piston Choices

Getting Started in 2013, Part #13, Basic piston/rod/cylinder combo.

Getting Started in 2013, Part #14, 2,850 cc piston/rod/cyl. Kits

Getting Started in 2013, Part #15, 2,775cc, (imaginary piston)

Getting Started in 2013, Part #16, 3,000 cc Piston/cylinder kits

Getting Started in 2013, Part #17, Short block cost chart.

Getting Started in 2013, Part #18, A look ahead

Getting Started in 2013, Part #19, Cylinder Heads

New Numbering System, Final, please print.

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  1. I am currently working on inspecting a engine for sudden stoppage. I am new to corvairs so I had some questions about my engine. I can send you some pictures. But i wanted to identify which type of bearing system it has. I also wanted to know which spec sheets do i use GM;s or is there a spec sheet for the aircraft conversion. the engine number is T0526YR. I also wanted to know if I could retrofit one of your wesman 5th bearing systems and would that require any rework( the engine appears to be a william wynne long gold hub special

    1. Dewayne, good start to send pictures. Weseman Gen 1 bearings are retrofit able to standard engines. There are some small mods required like shortening the long hub. You use specs we publish unless otherwise noted.

      1. is there a direct email for some reason i cant attach pictures to this post

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