On the Way to Corvair College #27


We are in the last 12 hours of prep before we head to CC#27. We will be driving away on Thursday, arriving at Barnwell in the evening for the College start on Friday morning.  Our plan is to work through Sunday at the College and return by way of a short visit to my sister’s place in Charleston. We should be back and working in the shop on Wednesday the 13th.  We will be very busy and I doubt we will have a chance to cover anything in email, and I can not pick up the phone messages until our return.

After Barnwell, the work season slows a lot with people getting focused on Family and Holidays. We have many more hours for longer calls and more detailed email communication from November 15 through Feb 15. It just works out this way every year. If you have an email or a phone call into us, I will be glad to cover it upon our return.-ww.


Above, how colleges make you feel: Delton Perry at the first run of his engine at Barnwell, CC#21.

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