Corvair College #28, Feb 2014 in Texas.


Although it may sound far off, it is less than 6 full months away.  Kevin Purtee and Shelley Tumino are the local hosts, (the same people who hosted CC#22.) The even is well in the works, and we anticipate a very productive and fun event.  We are planning on opening the on-line registration for it next month, but I thought I would chime in with a photo that is certainly worth a thousand words……


Above, Kevin, ScoobE and your humble narrator in our dinning room about two months ago. Kevin’s Day job with the Texas Air Guard brought him to Florida, and he made time for a quick visit to out place. Several years ago Grace gave me the sock money hat. I brought it to CC#22 in Texas. Kevin spotted it, and put it on just before giving a very serious “Welcome to CC#22” speech.  It is an inside joke, (with more than a little truth in it), that no matter what he does, people respect and admire Kevin.  He ended up wearing the hat through most of CC#22.  Just as predicted, everyone still took him seriously.  When it stopped by, I dug up the hat so he could reprise the role,. Kevin and Shelly are great examples of getting the most out of life, Grace and I feel very fortunate to have them as friends, and they have made the Corvair movement a far richer place by their presence, work and example.-ww

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