Corvair College #26 and #27 notes.


Registration for Corvair College #26 is now closed. We have 76 builders signed up for the event, which will run from noon on the 18th to 10:30am on the 20th. We have planned it this way so that we can clean up and pack up, as the space we will be using is also being used for the Zenith open house forums starting at noon on the 20th. Sebastien has provided the space, and I have assured him we will return it clean and on time. 46.5 hours is a fairly short college, but we have a long track record of packing productive work and learning into short periods of time. This schedule also allows builders to take in all aspects of Zeniths Open House on Friday and the main day on Saturday. We will be on hand both days also. Our initial plan was to limit the builders at this event to 60 due to space and supervision, but as I reviewed the registration information, I saw that a high percentage of the builders signing up were headed to their first College, and they were planning on studying, taking pictures and learning, probably lending a hand, but not yet bringing an engine. Because these builders don’t need table space, engine stands, or special tooling, we elected to run the allowable registration to 75. We are full, but it will not hinder the transfer of information and learning.

We will have more notes on Colleges shortly. Builders signed up for #26 will receive more detailed information directly emailed to them this week. We are leaving for the College in 11 days and expect to be out of the shop for 7 days. After that we will be in full prep for Corvair College #27 in Barnwell SC in November.

Barnwell has a hard limit of 100 builders; We opened the sign up for #27 before Brodhead and Oshkosh, months earlier than we typically have, to allow builders to plan further ahead. We have already signed up more than 30 builders for Barnwell. Although we have come close, we are yet to hit 100 people at Barnwell in the previous colleges we have held there. Before we have held the registration open until a week before the event. In speaking with 601/Corvair builder Ken Pavlou, (who handles all of the on-line registrations from an undisclosed location in CT.), we have decided to cut off the #27 sign up at midnight on October 20th, or when we reach 100 builders, which ever comes first.

If you are planning on attending #27, please let me encourage you to sign up for it early, and not to assume that we will have the sign up active until the last week as we have done in earlier years. The link is listed below:


CC27 –


The Event also has it’s own Face Book Page:


Above, Randy Bush runs his engine at Corvair College #19 in Barnwell. He flew this engine to Oshkosh this year. His aircraft now has more than 500 hours on it. Attending a college is often a turning point in a builders experience. If you are not making the kind of progress you would like, come to a college and find the experience, motivation and friends you have been missing.  Then I can write a story about your plane reaching the 500 hour mark and pull out an old picture of your engine running on our test stand at a college.  No airplane is built in a day, but to get one done, you must decide that this day will be different, take action and make choices that are proven to make progress. The choice is yours. Time will pass whether or not you set goals and reach them. People who take action are far happier than those that just wish they had.-ww

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