Pietenpol Motor Mounts, P/N 4201(C)


In the morning, I am heading to the powder coater, to drop off a dozen Corvair mounts that are heading to Brodhead and Oshkosh with us. We will pick the up and pack them in just before we head north.

In with this group of mounts are two of our high thrust line mounts for Pietenpols. You can read the story of their development and construction by cliking on this story from last November:

Pietenpol Products, Motor mounts, Gear and Instalation Components.

Grace has also updated our catalog page on these mounts, to make it easier to order one. I will have these on display at Brodhead, one is already spoken for, going to Mark Chouinard, the other is still available. You need not be headed to Brodhead to pick it up, if you would like the mount, we will gladly ship it to you before we leave. Click on the link below for more information:



From Corvair College #25: Pietenpol builder and veteran of several Colleges Dave Aldrich with a high thrust line Pietenpol motor mount we made for him. It is powder coated white. He saved $80 on shipping by picking it up in person. These mounts are popular, builders like Kevin Purtee, Terry Hand and Bob ‘early builder’ Dewenter already have one of these new high thrust line mounts. The design also benefits from the weight and Balance testing we did on 30 Pietenpols in the last 36 months. The mount is 3″ longer than the one shown in BHP’s 1967 mount drawing. The compensates for today’s larger pilots.-ww

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