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A hangar photo from last night; Grace was out in town with her parents, I stayed home with the dog. The dog spends 23 hours of an average day within 10 feet of Grace. You can distract him for a little while, but for the most part he is miserable when she is away. The house and hangar are only 12 feet apart, and he will cry if he is left alone in the house and he can still hear you in the hangar. For this reason, I always try to bring him out to work with me when Grace is out. He sits in his dog bed and keeps one ear open to the driveway. This consoles him somewhat, but he still makes faces like the one below.


Above,  a 48″ shear, a 100-year-old slip roll, a Jensen box and pan brake, engine hoist, Wagabond, ’46 Taylorcraft, bandsaw, belt sander, Detroit 3-53, ’65 Greenbriar and 9 pounds of sulking Dog.



Meanwhile, Grace’s Dad took the photo above of her congratulating a 2013 member of the Hall of Fame on Induction Night.

A few hours later (an eternity if you are a little dog), he perked up, because he can hear Grace’s car long before I can. He jumped out of the chair, ran out to the driveway, and was overjoyed.-ww

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