New Numbering System, Final, please print.


Grace and I have both work many long hours in the last few days to get all of the new numbering system up in its final form in one spot. We have integrated it into our regular parts sheet on You can find it by clicking on this  direct link:

This has now replaced our traditional products page. The numbers list is 16 pages long with the introduction. It is my official road map on how to build a Corvair flight engine. Having the list integrated into the parts page allows builders making progress to look ahead a plan their next move. From here, when I write about engines we build, or ones that I think would be good for a Zenith 750, a Piet or a KR, I am going to heavily use the Group Numbering system to describe these engines. When I am writing about the parts a builder must have to assemble his case at the college, I am going to describe the needed items in terms of the groups. This list serves far more educational roles than you may first guess. I intend that it will become the backbone of the descriptive language that we use to communicate about ideas, parts and plans in the Corvair movement.

The new products page works, anything you wish to buy off it can be purchased directly through the built-in pay pal system. The only element of it that we are still working on is getting the updated photos and instruction sheets loaded. The site is hand written in a very old HTML language, and working with it is like transcribing the Dead Sea Scrolls into Swahili. It takes a lot of time. This .Net site is not written in code, it is updated with no effort by comparison

I ask that everyone tune up their printer and run off a copy, preferably in color. Take some time and map out your own build on it. As an incentive to builders heading to CC#25 or Sun N fun, If you show up with one of these in your hand, I will take $5 off anything you buy. If two guys walk into my booth at SnF and ask about engines, everyone should understand that I am going to be polite to the guy who wants to tell me about the 4 cylinder Corvair he had in high school, I am going to answer all the questions of the guy who has seen my website, but didn’t look enough to even hear about the number system, but I am going to invest as much of my time as possible with anyone who shows up with a printed numbers list, a highlighter, a pencil and a working knowledge of how we describe the engine now. There is only one of me, and there will be many people at Sun n Fun as interested spectators. That’s good, but my mission is to teach builders, not entertain spectators. I am glad to talk to the later and do a little hangar flying if they are standing there, but mission #1 is to communicate with builders, and nothing says you’re a builder like having a written plan in your hand. -ww


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