Out of town until Wenesday night.


I am up in the shop this morning at 7am finishing some small tasks that I left on the bench when I turned the lights off at 2 am. We are running some prop tests, as we will have Standard conditions (59F, 29.92 pressure) for a while this morning. Later on today I am driving to South Carolina for a family event and I will be back late night Wednesday. I probably will not have a chance to look at e-mail, but we will cover anything that comes in when I get back.

From that point, we are going to have solid work leading up to the College and Sun n Fun. I will have an update on College #25 by the end of this week. If you are one of the builders planning on making progress at this event, the time is now to line up your plan. Dan told me yesterday that he just got a big batch of 5th bearings, and there may still be time to process gen 2 bearing set ups and cranks before the college. For more info on this, go back and read “Getting started in 2013, part #1”-ww

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