Mail Sack, 1/25/13. Terry Hand Editorial, Numbering System


Here is a sample of the mail on Terry Hand’s Editorial:

Zenith 601XL builder and flyer Phil Maxson writes:

“This is an excellent article. Each of these points resonated with me, but I’m particularly struck by number 5. I am beginning my 24th year with Mars, Inc, a mult-national food company. We are very big on the Freedom principle, and in our case, it is called “Freedom within a framework.” In a company of 70,000 associates it is not possible for everyone to have their own “do whatever you like” form of freedom, but each one of us is obligated to exercise our own talents and skills within our purview. We have a framework that includes five principles: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and the one I’m emphasizing here: Freedom.”

Builder Matt Lockwood writes:

“Terry- Thanks for this. Especially point #1. There is a certain discipline that comes with making yourself slow down and consider the ramifications of your decisions…i.e fish tank tubing for fuel lines and/or routing it through the cockpit. Some of the information that is out there on the internet doesn’t consider the ramifications, nor do these anonymous advisors out there have to suffer the consequences of you taking their advice. Everyone, please be careful. Thanks again to you and to WW. P.S. I thought ‘NATOPS’ stood for ‘Navy’s Attempt To Operate Planes Safely’Matt Lockwood, VT-3 1997-1998”

Builder Jerry Mcferron writes:

“Footnotes and warnings are often written in blood. Don’t add yours.”

“In the early 60s my Dad was a Navy flight instructor at Pensacola teaching in T-34s. Earlier, in 1958, Dad was the co-pilot in a helicopter that crashed and he was severely burned. He was the only survivor of the four crew members. A few years ago I received an e-mail from a lady looking for my Dad. Her Dad was the pilot of the helicopter. She had not yet been born at the time of the crash, so she had never known her Dad. If the fates of our fathers had been reversed, I would not be here. The investigation into the crash resulted in changes to the procedures for flying helicopters. Dad is now 76 and passed his physical a few weeks ago. He is still teaching people how to fly. When Dad calls me and says “I got to go flying today”, it makes my day.-Jerry”

Builder Dan Branstrom:

“Amen, and Semper Fi.”

On the topic of the numbering system, Builder Harold Bickford writes:

“Hi William, It is quite clear that as long as a supply of heads and crankcases are available the Corvair conversion will continue unabated at an advantageous price. Even new cast heads and crankcases would not be impossible if the need arose. Given that aftermarket new cast Chevy 409s are available at around $5,000 suggests cost-effective supply would not be an issue.The key is to build it here.-Harold”

On the topic of the numbering system, 750 Builder Blaine Schwartz

“William, This is a great explanation of how the Gold parts assemble and the reason why there are the way they are. Sometimes, we builders read instructions and then either forget them or hear some BS regarding a better way. I have all your Gold parts and have most of them either installed (engine components) or am in the middle of installing them and this reminder you posted is invaluable to help keep me on track. Those small comment like the bushing for the PM generator will save me a lot of time! I continue to be amazed why a builder would literally put their life in the hands of an unknown “internet voice” rather than following proven methods. Keep ‘em coming! Thanks, Blaine”

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