Mail Sack, 1/23/13, “the rules”


A sample of the mail on the topic of “the Rules”

Zenith Builder/flyer Andy Elliott ( )writes:

“I liked very much this particular part of your last posting, and am working on a rewording for posterity. Please review and provide editorial comment if you like, since it’s going to be attributed to you, unless you tell me otherwise! Airfield Entry Sign:

“WARNING: You are now leaving the regular world, where score is not kept and it is always someone else’s or society’s fault. Here, score is kept, by the impartial judges of Gravity, Physics, Chemistry and Weather. Regardless of your good intentions, civil laws, or religious beliefs, here the death penalty is in effect. It is still considered cruel here, but it is not that unusual. Outside you may be important or protected, but here you will only find security and success by your own efforts to learn and abide by The Rules. You are now on the property; the game is in play.”

Andy, I actually like your version better. It would be nice to see it posted at an airport to see if anyone got it.-ww

Texas Builder Dan Haynes ( ) writes:

“hmmm, an ex -38 driver building a Corvair powered Midget Mustang…..sounds eerily familiar. Have your agent contact my agent. We should talk.”

3,000cc Waiex builder Greg Crouchley writes:

“Amen. And thanks for continually striving to point this out. The life you save next might be mine. Best regards, Greg”

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