Mail Sack, 1/16/13, Getting started and various topics…


Here is a sample of the mail:

On ‘Getting Started’, Zenith 750 builder Blaine Schwartz writes:

“William, What a great idea for planning the build and keeping track of progress. I volunteer to create a basic excel spreadsheet that you can make available for those who want it. They can embellish it any way they want, but it would come to them with the basic numbering schema and whatever info you want to get them started. Just let me know if you want me to do this.-Blaine”

On ‘Getting Started’, Zenith 601XL builder and flyer Phil Maxson writes:

“After having created a rather complex spreadsheet for the nuts and bolts needed for the build, I’m pretty familiar with what would be needed to create the full itemized list in a spreadsheet. I would love to create that for you. Would you be willing to let me do that?-Phil”

Blaine and Phil- I appreciate the offer from both of you. Phil has some of this already, so I am going to ask him to work on it a bit and come up for numbers on the five samples in the last instalment. Blaine, I know your really good at this stuff, but I want to stay on your 750 project, we need a few more of these to come on-line in 2013.-ww

On ‘Getting started’ builder Bruce Culver writes:

“You know, William, the thing of it is, the Panther billet crank for the Corvair engine is actually a work of art when you look at it. Just look at the photos – things like this end up in the Museum of Modern Art as examples of the best in industrial design. It is absolutely beautiful, as is the notion that you will never have to wonder about its history or previous use or care…..Bravo! It would almost be a shame to seal that inside a case, but I have no doubt it’s what I’ll be using. I was trained as an artist and wouldn’t buy “ugly”. Jeez, that’s pretty…..”

Bruce, I have picked up and carried around in my hands hundreds of Stock corvair cranks in the last 25 years. They weigh 26 pounds, and they are not hard to grasp with one hand, even if they are oily. I have given Dan a hand with some of his new cranks and carried them with protective oil on them. They are so smooth to the touch as to be noticeably harder to carry one-handed. They not only look good, they actually feel good to the touch. Lexan top cover? Maybe.-ww

On ‘Getting Started’, builder “Jaksno” writes:

“This is an awesome series! You are a lot like a world-class coach. Much appreciated. I’ve seen the information on the main website, of course, the EAA webinar, and more. But this ‘review’ of sequential process with highlighted decision points couched in logical recommendations is gold. Thanks!”

Friend, thanks for the positive energy. when dropping us a line please let us know your name and what you are thinking of building.-ww

On the topic of Corvair College #25 in Leesburg FL,  Builder Jim Nelson Writes:

“So where is the sign-up place. I’d like to visit the College at Leesburg FL. I could not find where to do this—Jim”

Jim, we are going to have more info shortly. I am the guest speaker at the Leesburg EAA chapter, 9am Saturday the 26th if you are in the area. We will college details here after I return from the meeting.-ww

On the topic of Corvair College #26 in California, Builder Ron Applegate writes:

“Hi William, Ron Applegate here. You speak of a CC in Chino…any idea of a date for the College yet? At least two of us here at Rosamond. Thanks…”

Ron, We are looking more at May than any other month. I have a number of factors in the decision, including Weather (we had considered March) and other shows. I have bi-weekly conferences on the phone with the two people who are in on the planning, and we will let you know as fast as we get past a few variables.-ww

On the topic of Corvair College #2X Builder Douglas Cook writes:

“Any plans for another college in the Pittsburgh PA area? I went to #20 in Hillsdale and would like to attend another not too far away.”

Douglas, One of the things we want to do in 2013 is the “Corvair air tour” I mentioned in the last mail sack. If we can get this in gear for the summer, we will certainly pass through your area. Phil Maxson has mentioned wanted to have a Jr. College at his place in NJ. Lots of good ideas, but I have to balance them with regular work and orders.-ww

On the topic of ‘Intakes and internet myths’  Zenith 650/2700 Builder and PhD manufacturing engineer Becky Shipman writes:

“Simple procedure for criticism of earlier engine designs: 1) Understand the goals and motivations of the person who did the design. 2) Assume he knew what he was doing based on available technology at the time. 3) Then look at what has changed between now and then, and then point out why his assumptions are no longer valid. 4) If one assumes everyone who came before them was stupid, one will never learn anything beyond what one can come up with oneself. 5) By and large, I think the people who built airplanes and engines 50-75 years ago were really smart but working off a much smaller technology base, with more limited materials. 6) Their stuff still needed to work, and if it didn’t it was relegated to the scrap heap. “ToolBuilder” clearly is unable to learn from the intelligence of others, and will therefore never be smarter than he is now. 7) A pity he feels the need to demonstrate this on such a regular basis.- Becky”

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