Corvair College #24……Last Call, Reg. Closing 10-29 at midnight


We are getting down to the wire on registration for Corvair College #24 in Barnwell SC.

The link to the registration is:

Our previous posts on College #24 contain all the detailed information on the event. you can read these posts by clicking on the title block “Events” in the header above.

If this is going to be your first College, I highly recommend that you read about all the previous ones at this link to our main Web page: 

Special note on registrations: The College has a required $79 fee to register. 100% of this money goes to our local host and is spent directly on the event to cover the meals, drinks and direct expenses like benches and lighting. All of P.F’s crew are volunteers, none of the money pays for anyones time. The learning and technical support at the College are “free”, as None of the tech staff, myself, Grace, Dan, Rachel, Vern, or Terry see any of the registration money. In fact we pay the same fee to register otherwise covering the food we eat and direct expenses would fall on our host. The only people we have traditionally exempted from the fee are the pilots of the Corvair powered planes flying in. (and some of them pay anyway)  95% of the people who attend colleges understand this system and are happy to comply.This is the 3rd College at Barnwell, P.F., who is the epitome of a fine Southern gentleman, would never make a public issue of the 5% of the people who compulsively must evade carrying their own share. I may have lived in the south for 27 years, but I am permanently excluded from Southern gentleman status by virtue of being raised in New Jersey, thus I have no problem giving the 5% a hard time on this. My father was born in Passaic NJ in ’25, my mother in Irvington NJ in ’27. One of them dislikes their governor the other is entertained by him. Here is what they agree on: Their Governor always acts like someone from NJ. Although I have had 27 years of trying not to be like that, I will channel my inner NJ on people who try to ‘beat the system’ on registering.

Above, Ray Fuenzalita at CC#23 holds the sign of the three rules of Colleges. My talented and beautiful wife Grace painted the sign above. We have few rules at the Colleges, but we always abide by them. We lay off the top two subjects of conversation (as they rarely bring people together) and the third is that we teach builders to avoid products from totalitarian police states noted for poor quality.

Since #24 will follow a national election by 72 hours, I am going to forewarn people, no kidding, I am going to have a zero tolerance for breaking rule #1. I have actually thrown two people out of colleges one from#8 and one from #11 for breaking this rule after two friendly warnings. Grace and I live in one of the few ‘battleground’ states. For the last months you can’t turn on a TV or radio, open your mailbox nor drive down the road without being bombarded by the most inane advertisements, all funded by PAC’s. I have had enough, and I am headed to the college to go have a good time with friends and be free of political trash.

601 builder/flyer Phil Maxson pointed out that he has never seen two people in a political discussion where one person suddenly says “You know, I have never thought of it that way, you sir have changed my mind.” It is the best commentary on this I have ever heard. For people who compulsively need to talk politics, take heart, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you can again fulfill the role of  curmudgeon uncle/old hippy for the rest of your family, but you will not get a chance at CC#24.


Blasts from Colleges past:

Above, Andrew Pietenpol, Grandson of Bernard, attends Corvair College #4 with and Grace and myself at Sun ‘N Fun 2003.  


Above, a bonfire at Corvair College #17 in Florida 2009, complete with 6 bad cases being smelted.


Above, 601XL builder Larry Winger, left, with his one minute old 2700cc/Dan bearing engine at Corvair College #18 in Livermore CA. 2010. Today,Larry’s plans built plane is almost done.


Above, Corvair College #5 Hanford CA., 2004. Hardcore builders who stayed the last full day. Can you identify Host Pat Panzera, Prolific writer Dan Branstrom and a very young Dan Weseman?-ww

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