Corvair planes and projects on You Tube


Here is a sampling of videos of Corvair powered aircraft, projects, and events on you tube. I combed through the files to find them for builders because I have found that the search engine on you tube stinks, and the order that it returns entries makes no sense. For example, the first video has 33,000 views, yet it is about the 100th video listed on the search “corvair powered planes”, behind lots of things that have nothing to do with aircraft and have less than 200 views. To save builders the time, here are a few sorted links. Fair warning: don’t bother to read the comments, many of them will leave you wondering what percentage of people are mentally ill.  One video has us running a 3100 outside when it is 28F. There is a comment about how the engine was “smoking and overheating” because you can see people’s breath after the engine stops. Like wise, the first landing of the 701 has 41,000 views in this version, 100,000 in another. They are not corvair fans, it people who have never seen a stol plane land thinking it is crashing. I was there, the Zenith gear soaked up the landing, just as it was designed to. Don’t spend too much time watching, try to get some productive hours in the shop this weekend. Watching flying airplanes is motivational, but it’s not a substitute for making progress on your own.

Phil Maxson, 601XL, flying,the yee-haw heard around the world:

Tom Brown’s Pietenpol taking off, airplane has 1,500 hours on it:

Rich Vetterli’s first flight 601XL, set to Copeland’s “Fanfair for the common man.” Flight at Livermore location of CC#13 and CC#18:

Jim and Rhonda Wesemans 3100 cc Celebrity biplane, flying:

Andy Elliott’s 500 hour 3100 cc 601XL, over desert in flight:

Corvair powered Pietenpol, in Australia, good air to air:

Corvair College WA state, w/Brady. 3100 running on 750:

Jeff Moore’s corvair powered Merlin on floats, beautiful in flight footage in Newfoundland:

Hangar Gang Wagabond flying on 2700:

Davis DA-2 with Corvair, flying:

Mike’s   California cassutt, seen by many people at Corvair College #13, ground running before covering:

A Corvair powered RV-3 with a turbo, flying 177 mph:

Louis Kantor’s 601XL running for the first time in our front yard:

The same aircraft on its first take off, July 2009.

Blaine Schwartz’s 2850 first start and run Corvair College #22, to power his Zenith 750:

A good overview of Corvair College #17 in Florida:

Dave Harm’s 601XL cockpit view of flight. This aircraft has been at Oshkosh and the Zenith open house several times:

Four 3100s taking off in a row from Corvair College#16 in South Carolina, Langford, Weseman, Smith and Horton:

Ron Monsen, current owner of “Son of Cleanex”, flying around Chicago waterfront:

Corvair College #20 video, good chance to see many builders speaking who you have only read about before:

701 first flight, in Edgewater, at the old hangar. Gus Warren at controls:

Darren Barnfield’s VP-2 running down under, (this aircraft is now flying):

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