Mail Sack, 10-9-12 , Various topics


Another round of mail on the last week’s topics;


On the subject of alternators:

2850cc Zenith 750 builder and Pilot Jeff Cochran writes:

“I’ve had John Deere tractors since 1974. My ID photo on zenithaero is me on my new JD 5103 tractor (made in India). My new CH750 is green and yellow. But I am more than happy to have a Yanmar dynamo out front. I had to buy the regulator from JD, and while there asked to see their dynamo. The box does not look that much better, and the part was exactly the same except for price.


On the subject of Florida Beavers and info sources:

 Builder Bruce Culver writes:

“Didn’t these clowns realize that Florida is several hundred miles long north to south, and that the northern part of the state is not at all tropical? My youngest brother lives in Jacksonville, and the first time I drove there to visit him years ago, there were so many pine trees I thought it looked like Germany without the mountains….. There is a lot more to Florida than Miami Beach.”

Builder Matt Lockwood writes:

“Your opening paragraph on this one made me think you ran afoul (pardon the pun) of the spark plug guy who may have been with the mob. “leave the spark plugs, take the cannolli”

 Builder Tom Griesemer writes:

“I have been reading a lot of your stuff lately as I have been researching Corvair flight engines for a while. As a retired prof of 30 years I like your style. Missed #23 and may come to #24.  Working on my 4th plane at the moment. Keep up the good work, Tom”

Zenith 750 builder and student of 6 colleges Dan Glaze writes:

“I tend to draw my info from a much smaller pool, It consists of William W., Dan W, Roy S. and Mark P. I would advise all Corvair engine builders to do the same and stop playing into the interned synthetic intelligence. That is if you are looking for success on your project. Just my two cents worth, Dan”

 2850cc 750 builder Gary Burdett writes:

“Yes , one “been there done that” is worth a hundred “I think’s”and even then, verify. That has been some of the education part of my EAB education and recreation experience.”

 Zenith 601XLB builder and flyer since 2005, Phil Maxon writes:

Great post. This is true. This is why I start all my posts with “This is what I did on my plane… ” or I don’t answer. There is a very strong desire on the part of Internet writers to comment on stuff and be “right.”

 Zenith 701 builder Terry Samsa writes:

“Must be a consequence of the global warming. I wonder when I’ll see alligators in my back yard up here in Northern Minnesota! :)

 Terry,  Why wait 25 years? We will mail you one, we have plenty-ww


On the topic of spark plugs;

International man of mystery and DC-3 owner, Tom Graziano writes:

“William, Just because “Guys “A” and “B” have more than 10,000 flight hours between them” doesn’t necessarily mean they know anything about the mechanical aspects of aircraft and aircraft engines, troubleshooting, repair, etc. (that’s kinda like saying an aircraft mechanic with 30 years experience who is not a pilot would know a lot about flying). Having both – 30+ years & many thousands of hours – it is incredible how many times I’ve seen aircraft with simple, easily diagnosed and fixable discrepancies come in with pilot applied “fixes” that exacerbated the problem sometimes causing serious damage & expensive repairs. Not berating the two guys at all, simply saying that just because someone has a bunch of hours flying doesn’t mean they know anything about maintenance or troubleshooting. Tom”

Good point Tom, I just wanted to point out that people who already know that aviation is all about the detail being correct sometimes get a little careless about this as the experience builds up. Thanks for the perspective-ww


On the topic of trucks vs planes;

Builder P.J. (USN) writes:

“Loved the story about the old pickup truck, At least you live on the east coast where they don’t stick a probe up your tailpipe every year to check for noxious gases. Long live the carburetted 350 but I gotta ask, what would your second choice be? sign me antique air-cooled vanagon driver”

 P.J., We still have Grace’s Greenbriar Van, so were of the same air cooled van idea as you. I still have my ’66 Corvair and Grace drives her CTS-V every day., But we are doing better, the score at our house is cars and trucks 5, planes 4.-ww

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