New “Zenvair-750”, Jeff Cochran, 2,850cc engine, N750ZV


Jeff Cochran of Alabama has been flying his Zenith 750 on Corvair power for the last few weeks. Below is a quick look at the plane and Jeff  with his running 2850cc Corvair at CC#19. I spoke with him recently and he is planning on flying the plane to Corvair College #24 if he can get the test time flown off.

Pink Ticket

Above, Jeff on the left on the day he passed his airworthyness inspection. The plane displays outstanding finish and appearance. In working with Jeff I can attest to his methodical and professional approach to aircraft construction. He asked very specific questions that reveal a lot of thought and reasearch.

 Jeff  supervises the run-in of his 2850cc Corvair at Corvair College #19. Jeff chose to have us build the engine for him. We delivered it at the College #19. The engine features a bearing, the 2850 cc dished pistons, all of our Gold Systems, and Falcon heads equipped with Inconel valves and exhaust rotators. This is a seriously robust engine. The Zenith 750 is a large airplane capable of climbing at very low airspeeds. This combination makes it brutally unforgiving on engines with inadequate cooling or light duty construction. The Corvair’s outstanding cooling and high quality components make it impervious to installations that are the undoing of lighter engines.

Although we assembled the engine for him, Jeff has invested the time to attend Colleges #16, #17,#19, and #21. Because of this, he knows his engine far better than builders who opt for a ‘Buy-it-in-a-box’ imported engine. I wouldn’t characterize Jeff’s Corvair college experiences as purely educational, if you look at the photos from these colleges there was a lot of fun mixed in with it. Jeff’s path to success high lights the Corvair’s flexibility to adapt to the needs, budgets and time lines of individual builders. With other engines, builders have to accept the power plant the way that it is offered, and pay for it all at once. No such condition exists in the Corvair movement. You can tailor it to fit your individual goals.

Thinking of getting started? Haven’t made enough progress this year? The most common thread in the stories of successful Corvair builders is attending a College. We are 33 days from the last College of 2012. Make your plans now, decide to head for Corvair College #24.

Hats off to Jeff Cochran on the completion and first flights of his Zenith 750.-ww

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