Zenith 750 Mount Sale, only 5 avail.


Pictured below are 5 powder coated Zenith 750 mounts. I took the photo in our back yard today. We rarely offer items on sale, but here is a special offer for 750 builders.

At the Zenith open house, we brought 12 mounts, six 601/650 models and six 750 mounts.  All of the 601/650 mounts went home with builders, but we still have five 750 mounts.  (oddly enough, the exact reverse happened at last years Zenith event.)  Because our mounts are made from CNC tubing sets we have machined 12 at a time, and because our powder coater likes to only do quantities, we are motivated to put these 5 mounts in the hands of 750 builders and get another batch welded and coated before CC#24.

We sold the mounts at Zenith for the normal $739 price, without the $70 shipping cost. Powder coating is normally a $100 option. For this sale, These coated mounts are $799, and we will cover the cost of shipping in the US. Any builder who would like one can send us a quick email note with you name address and phone number. Payment can either be by pay pal or by check. The mounts are ready for immediate shipment, and they take only 1 to 2 days to arrive. This is a good opportunity for a 750 builder to save some money and get an importiant part now. -ww

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