Zenith Open House, Sept. 21 and 22


The Main Event on the Corvair schedule this month is the Zenith Factory Open House in Mexico, Missouri. The Open House date is Setptember 22nd, but we are planning on being there on the 21st and attending the dinner on Friday night. This is going to be a big event, because it marks the 20th year of Zenith’s U.S. factory. For a more detailed look at the event, follow this link to Zenith’s Web site: http://www.zenithair.com/news/oh2012.html 

Sebastien has directly told me that he welcomes all Corvair builders to the event, not just guys working on Zenith airframes. At last year’s event, Grace and I used the opportunity to meet with dozens of Corvair builders from the Midwest. This is an excellent opportunity for Corvair builders to attend an event in their area, have us answer their questions, inspect flying planes, have a “parking lot tour” to see core engines and meet other builders. As always, we will have a full complement of parts, but if there is something specific you would like to pick up, please let us know in advance. We are planning on having half a dozen powdercoated Zenith 601-650 and 750 mounts on hand. Builders will have a chance to avoid the shipping cost by getting one in person.

The main day of the event is Saturday, but I am going to be there on Friday to get a jump on the event and attend the dinner in the evening. Traditionally the open house draws several hundred people, but this year being the 20th anniversary, will likely be a bit larger. Rod Hightower, the president of the EAA, is the Friday night speaker, which gives a good indication of the respect due the Heintz family and crew for their longevity in an industry often marked by here-today-gone-tomorrow LLCs. From a builder’s perspective, it is the ideal sized event to come and learn and get to know other builders. Oshkosh has 200 times the amount of people, but I find the open house to be made of serious builders and planners, not spectators and daydreamers. The entire setting is conducive to builder progress. We will have far more time for one on one questions and answers than at a major airshow. 

A number of builders with finished Zeniths have said they are making plans to fly to the event. We are going to have a complete Zenith firewall forward installation on hand with a 2,850 cc Corvair mounted on it for display. Again, the event is open to all Corvair builders, and Sebastien and crew will welcome you as their guest, but it will be particularly beneficial to everyone planning on bolting a Zenith airframe to their Corvair engine.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there. -ww

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