Shortblock Sale, Bring your core parts to Oshkosh


We are now 10 hours to departure for Oshkosh.  I wanted to send this note out as a heads up to anyone driving in to AirVenture.

We are now in the process of setting up registration for Corvair College #24, November 9, 10, and 11th in Barnwell, S.C. It will be the third year we have had the event at this venue. Corvair Colleges #19 and #21 were very productive events hosted by P.F. Beck and crew. This year, I want to get a lot of builders jump started early, as I would like to have a record number of builders and running engines at #24.

One of the ways for builders to get a jump-start is to have us take care of the case assembly in advance. At the College, everyone can take an hour to watch a case assembly to understand the process, but I would like to have a number of builders with pre-assembled cases go right into pistons and cylinders. This also has the effect of staggering the times that builders arrive at the run stand use on Saturday and Sunday.

Above, a 3,000 cc assembled case with a Weseman billet 5th bearing. The main bearings, cam, gears and nitrided crank are already installed, along with the 5th bearing. This is a very strong jump-start on an engine build.

If you are one of the builders interested in this, bring your core case and crank to Oshkosh, and we will get started with your build. Even if you are unsure if CC#24 is possible for you, we can always ship the case to you when it is completed. If you are reading this, but Oshkosh isn’t in your plan, send us an email, and we will get back to you after the show and work out shipping your core parts in. Even if you have already sent your crank through Moldex, I will be glad to assemble the case and deduct the price of the crank and / or any other parts you may have already purchased. We are flexible on this, we just want to get a new group of builders launched. I have about 20 cases and 9 cranks that are fully prepped, including the new stress relieving before nitriding process. If any core case or core crank has a serious issue, we can just replace it from my collection at modest cost without delay. Dan has the bearings in stock at this time, so we will have the initial cases assembled 30 days after returning from the show.

The price has a number of variables, but first, what they will all have in common: Clean case that passes inspection and has the studs tested. The crankshaft will be magnafluxed, threaded, stress relieved, ground nitrided, balanced and polished. The main bearings will new and matched to the crank. The billet 5th bearing will be installed and doweled to the case. The case will be painted your choice of colors.

The basic case is $2,795. This is for a 2,700cc or a 2,850cc engine case with a reground OT-10 cam and a standard cam gear. On the other end of the scale, a 3,000cc case (machined for larger cylinders) with a new OT-10 cam, a failsafe gear, and a new crank gear will run $3,195. We are willing to work with any combination of features that an individual builder would like (i.e., standard case with new cam, etc.), just let us know what your plan is, we will work with you. Getting started just involves deciding that your time for progress has arrived. -ww

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