Corvair Colleges #22, #23 and #24


We are a few days away from Corvair College #22 in Austin, Texas. The registration is now closed. The turn out will be fairly good for our first Texas event in many years. We are looking at a mid-sized College with 50 builders. Kevin Purtee and Shelley Tumino have done an outstanding job with the prep work, and we will have a very productive event. Shelley has one or two slots reserved for hardship cases for people who didn’t make the registration cut off. We usually keep these open in the case of someone returning from a deployment or a builder without access to the Web who only found out by word of mouth at the last-minute. Either way, Shelley wanted builders with an extenuating circumstance not to miss out on the College. We will have a full report upon our return, which should be Monday after the event.

Our next public event will be Sun ‘N Fun in Lakeland, Florida, two weeks after CC#22. We will have a separate story about this shortly. For now, know that we will be there all week in our own booth, right in front of building “C”. Our booth directions will be in the official program under “” We will have a full complement of parts available for sale at the show.

We are in the planning stages of a Florida Corvair College. This event will be held in northeast Florida. We have not had a Florida College since #17.  Right now we are looking at two different airports. One has the outstanding facilities of a Florida aviation community college, and the other has a much more people-friendly environment like CC #17 had. We will have the final choice and date information posted here so people will be able to make plans. We are shooting to have a very large event with 100 builders on hand, and we will probably make it a 4 day event to see if we can get 25 or 30 engines running. More news shortly.

Earlier in the year we had discussed having a May College at Chino, Calif., at Steve Glover’s place. I still like the idea, but Steve and I both have very busy schedules that we are having a hard time lining up that month. At this time, I want to encourage West Coast builders to attend #23 or #24, as we may not be able to put together a full college on the west coast in 2012. I understand that this may not be the news some guys wanted to hear, but the reality is that we also have to do SNF, Brodhead and Oshkosh this year, and Colleges, and do all of our regular work.  We will have a full year, but with the support of a lot of builders chipping in to make events like the Colleges happen, we can accomplish these events and have them be first class.

Corvair College #24 is scheduled to return to Barnwell, S.C., for the third year in a row. We have had outstanding events there with P.F. Beck and crew going above and beyond. Just as  with CC#21 and #19, we are planning on having #24 on Armistice Day weekend in November.

I just wanted to get this posted to give builders an outline of this year’s events. It is a lot of opportunity for productive times with friends new and old. Decide tonight that you will be part of it. Make 2012 an aviation year that counts for you.

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