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From Spencer Gould:     (Submitted on 2012/02/03 at 10:34 pm)

Hi William,  On the subject of carburetors what make / model would you recommend for a low wing / fuel pump system like in a 601XL? & When is the next planned Florida Corvair College?

Thanks, Spencer (TGI) 2700 cc & SP-500 builder

Above, Spencer’s original Corvair powered design, the SP-500 single seat aerobatic aircraft. This photo was taken in 2008, the aircraft is far closer to being done today. In the meantime, Spencer has also switched jobs from Piper to Pratt-Whittney, become a homeowner, gotten engaged and beaten serious cancer. Some guys are just overachievers. Spencer is my cheif engineering resource and CAD guy. He has a completed 2,700cc already built for the plane. He is an Embry-Riddle Aerospace Engineer and he is working on commercial and instrument ratings.

Spencer: My first choice for any aircraft that is going to have pressure to the carb, not just gravity feed, is a Marvel Schebler MA3-SPA. Second is an Ellison EFS-3A.  Our next Florida event is Sun ‘n Fun, my 24th consecutive year.  If we are going to have a Florida Corvair College this year, we will announce it at SNF, but right now, I think Barnwell, S.C., in November is going to be the closest event for Florida builders. Please send us updated photos of your bird.-ww


Pete Kozachik,  west coast Pietenpol builder, wrote:    (Submitted on 2012/02/03 at 6:25 pm)

Thanks for the in-depth Stromberg piece; your explanation of the how and why carbs such as my particular unit have no mixture control puts to rest a concern I’ve had (and others I’ll bet). That’s empowering.


From Lyle Fast:           (Submitted on 2012/02/02 at 11:42 pm)

Thanks for your efforts getting this information out into the public domain. I considerate it a valuable service.


 Dave Gingerich asked:    (Submitted on 2012/02/01 at 11:51 pm)

Which float needle are you using in the Strombergs: neoprene tip, steel, or delrin?

Dave,  although the others seal better, I am a big fan of the all metal needle and seat because I think that it is the most tolerant of fuel additives of any of the combinations. If I were thinking of using auto fuel, I would stick with the metal needle, as there is no telling if they will blend something in your batch of car gas that will bother the delrin or neoprene.-ww

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