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Kevin and Shelley Purtee


I’ve been flying professionally for more than 30 years. I’ve been an active homebuilder for most of that time. William Wynne has taught me more about homebuilts, small aircraft design and construction, aviation risk management and aviation engines than any other single person. I’ve been a customer and student since 1999. My wife, Shelley, and I continue to rely on William for the engines we use in our aircraft.

Larry Nelson

Zenith 601 HDS

Corvair Engine Builder since 2015. My day job is testing military equipment, and as such I appreciate systems that are based on a proven track record, and follow proven methodologies.  In my search for an engine, what struck me about the WW Corvair was the similarity to how Lycoming and Continental test and train people to maintain those systems.  That alone puts the engine in a league of it’s own.  As a corvair builder you learn more about your powerplant than every other system available on the market.  This follows the EAA moto of Learn, Build and Fly.

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