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We generally ship via USPS Priority Flat Rate whenever possible.  Freight shipping is used for larger and heavier items like complete motors.   Orders requiring freight shipping shall be quoted individually.  When your items ship you will be notified via email of the tracking or PRO number.

Missing or damaged parts:

Customers have 7 days to report missing or damaged parts to us.

How Shipping Charges are figured:

Unless noted that shipping is included the shipping charges are calculated by the shipping company and charged directly to you.  For freight shipping a packaging/crating fee for materials and time for packing will be added.  These fees vary depending on materials and complexity.

Shipping Inspection/Checking Parts:

Inspect your shipment BEFORE you sign for it!  Look for any breaks in the outside covering (whether it be cardboard, shrink wrap, or a crate) and if you find ANYTHING then you need to sign the bill of lading as damaged.  NO DETAILS ARE NEEDED, just the word “DAMAGED” written clearly and sign your name.  If you do not mark it damaged then the company WILL NOT COVER IT and YOU will be liable for replacing the items and paying the shipping again.  They do not make exceptions!  You need to take PHOTOS!  Detailed photos of the box/crate/pallet and the items showing damages.  Contact us immediately.

Handling Damages:

We generally ship with two companies for domestic shipping: Freight Quote and UPS. Instructions for initiating damage claims depends on the carrier. We insure each shipment based on replacement costs.  Claims on international shipments must be filed with the international freight forwarder used for that shipment.

We are not responsible for damage to parts due to freight mishandling. It is the customer’s responsibility to document any and all freight damage.  You will need to contact the carrier to initiate the claim.  As stated before we insure the shipment for full value replacement.  Depending on the carrier, and their liability limits, there may be an insurance deductible on reimbursement.  YOU are named as the payee in the event of a damaged shipment and you are responsible for making the claim to the insurance company, following up with photos and copies of invoices.  We are here to help in any way we can, so if you need anything please do not hesitate to contact us.

If any freight damage occurs, document the damage carefully with photographs and be sure to note DAMAGED on the bill of lading and point it out to the delivery driver. Once the freight claim is filed with the freight company, we will work with you and the freight company to assign values to the damaged individual parts and arrange to get you replacement parts.

Payment Policy:

Invoices are due upon receipt.

Cancellation Policy:

General Orders Cancellation/Change Policy/Fee:  Orders must be cancelled or changed within 24 hours of placing the order. We cannot guarantee that the order has not already shipped by that time, but will make an effort to change the order, if possible. For general part orders exceeding $1,000, a 10% cancellation fee applies to cancellations received more than 24 hours after initial order has been made. Order cancellations may also result in “single shipment” or other special handling fees from shipping companies as a result of the change in the warehouse shipping/freight pickup schedule caused by the order cancellation. All such fees will be charged to the cancelled order.

Return Policy:

No part returns are accepted by FlyCorvair.com after 30 days from date of purchase.  Special Order items, including but not limited to, propellers and custom items are not eligible for return. All part returns must be authorized in writing from FlyCorvair.com before they are returned for repair, replacement, or exchange. This can best be accomplished by sending an e-mail to williamtca@flycorvair.com  with an explanation of the issue and detailed images where appropriate. If an issue is found we will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and instructions for returning the part or assembly for repair, replacement, exchange, or refund.  Any refund is subject to a restocking charge depending on the condition of the returned part.  Any part returned without an RMA will be immediately returned at the owner’s expense.  As with standard practice in all industries, regardless of the corrective action on any (RMA) returned part, shipping expenses to and from are the customer’s responsibility. FlyCorvair reserves the right to determine how a warranty repair will be made in lieu of part replacement. RMA numbers can be obtained by contacting us by email at:  williamtca@flycorvair.com.  Part Exchanges are subject to a minimum handling and restocking fee of 20% subject to the condition of the returned parts.

Warranty Information:

FlyCorvair values each and every customer. If there is a problem with any part or service provided please contact us immediately.  FlyCorvair exclusively sells experimental (non-PMA’d) aircraft parts. There is absolutely no warranty of any kind, neither expressed nor implied, and it is the full responsibility of possessor to convey this in writing to any party who uses this part or has it transferred to them. FlyCorvair is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of any product offerings including direct or indirect labor, lodging, repair, medical or legal expenses incurred by a customer, or any agent of the customer. The user is responsible for the entire risk of all parts used on their aircraft. All Electrical Components sold by us are not eligible for return, exchange or factory service. These component parts are shipped from us as functional tested components. We have seen cases where they are returned to us in a damaged condition from improper wiring. Also, it should be noted that the majority of “defective” electrical parts returned to us are fully functional. We encourage all builders to wire their engine and ignition per the detailed wiring diagrams provided in the manuals.

Products Rights Agreement and Release of Liability

Any person or persons making a purchase of parts, engines, or manuals agree and are bound to the Product Rights Agreement and Release of Liability.  Before any parts are shipped the buyer must have a signed Product Rights Agreement and Release of Liability on file.  The Product Rights Agreement and Release of Liability is available for download through the web link below.  Mail your signed waiver to: 

William Wynne  5343 Airpark Loop W  Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

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