3901 Stainless Exhaust System

3901 Stainless Exhaust System

3901-A Fits all models of Zenith aircraft and the Bearhawk LSA.
3901-B Fits KR-2 and KR-2S airframes. (Referred to as a ‘universal #1 exhaust)
3901-C Fits Wagabonds and other classic (Referred to as a ‘universal #2 exhaust)
3901-P Fits Pietenpol’s using my ‘high thrust line mount’ (#4201-C)



Corvair Mission 2019, Part #5, Finishing Schools and assembly/run instruction.

Builders: Keeping in mind the central focus of the mission is to share what we know with builders by effective, rewarding paths, this story focuses on something that has proven to work very well for a number of people: Close person instruction at our shops here in North East Florida. . In the last 3 …

Bob Barrows to Fly LSA Bearhawk to CC #27, Barnwell, S.C., Nov. 2013

Builders: Bob Barrows, noted designer of the Bearhawk series of aircraft, is planning on attending CC #27 on Veteran’s Day Weekend in November 2013 in Barnwell, S.C. I spoke with Bob on the phone several times in the past few days. On Monday we are meeting in Georgia at the hangar of one of his LSA Bearhawk Patrol …