Corvair College 48 Barnwell, SC


This coming Corvair College in Barnwell, SC on November 6-8, 2020 will be my 48th College. We have now been holding these events for 20 years, all over America. This is an unmatched record of hands on training and education, all in a friendly, fun setting. The Colleges have been an integral part of my work with Corvairs, and #48 will be an excellent opportunity for you to be part of a real grassroots aviation event that will directly advance your personal goals in homebuilding.

College #48 will be at the Barnwell SC airport, November 6-8th. Advanced registration is required to attend.  I welcome all homebuilders, but it is a private event.  We are limited to just under 100 people, the food is catered in advance, and we do have written safety briefings in advance. These three factors preclude having people ‘walk in’ or stop by. If you would like to go, register early and make plans. 

Barnwell has been the setting for 9 previous Corvair Colleges. These have been our ‘Flagship’ events, The EAA has even sent a professional film crew to capture the accomplishment and spirit of Barnwell Colleges. All of these were made possible by the leadership of one great man, P.F. Beck. He was the embodiment of being an aviator, and his generosity of spirit, enthusiasm, and southern hospitality.  He passed in 2019, and we did not have a Barnwell event in 2019 to allow his friends and family to address our loss quietly. We are going back for College #48 in November because it was the expressed wish of P.F. that the Colleges continue after he departed. The evening dinner program on Saturday will be a remembrance and expression of gratitude for the fortune of knowing P.F.

Builders who did not meet him will hear in person from the people who’s lives he moved. 
If you have not previously registered for nor attended a Corvair College, take the time to read some of the stories of them on my blog. The “Corvair College Reference Page” is a good place to start, or watching the EAA’s film of Barnwell.  This will give a better idea of the unique nature of Colleges. If you still have questions, please call me, 904-806-8143. 

Barnwell Colleges are set at a large, but quiet county airport. We have camping directly adjacent to the hangar, and more than half to the builders take advantage of it. There is plenty of space for campers and RV’s but we don’t have hook ups. The airport is easy to fly into, and we have a number of Corvair powered planes planning on attending, including the public debut of the JAG-2 twin, a one of a kind homebuilt who’s engines were assembled and run at a previous Barnwell College. The event is focused on learning in a friendly environment. People attending will range from people just getting into Corvairs making a recon-intel run, to Pilots who attended all previous Barnwell colleges, returning in their Corvair powered aircraft. Every level is welcome, the event it designed to meet the goals and desires of Corvair builders at every stage of the experience. 

Builders can bring their own engines and assemble and test run them at the College. We have run well over 100 engines at the previous Barnwell colleges, and these have been milestone achievements in the journey of these builders, but the College is focused on learning, not ‘getting it done’. Test runs are done to confirm the builder understands and is the master of his power plant, they are not done just because the engine is assembled. Builders with the goal of learning find progress flows from this. I’m at Colleges to teach, if you are attending to learn, it will be a great match. 

The College is “Free” in the very real sense that everything you can learn and do is provided by myself, our local hosts, and a cadre of experienced builders returning to Barnwell. However, the registration has a $110 per person fee, which entirely goes to our local hosts to address their costs of catering the event. P.F’s crew do tireless work to make Colleges happen, all of them are volunteers, they are giving their time, and no respectful person would fail to cover their share of the direct costs of the College. Registering and paying the fee accomplishes this.  Corvair pilots who fly their Corvair-powered planes to the college get 50% off the registration fee.

The colleges are a lot of fun, and you will have a chance to meet and get to know many of the characters in the world of Corvairs, on your way to becoming one of them. The event is an intense immersion into real, traditional homebuilding, the very opposite end of the spectrum from the ‘Consumer airshow’ mentality.  This is all done with the awareness that we are still in a serious safety setting with turning props and the ever present awareness that we are all guests of our local hosts, in ‘the Hangar P.F. built’, and registering for the College comes with the understanding that we are guests and recipients of great generosity, and our actions will reflect our gratitude.

I look forward to seeing friends, both old and new there. We’ll see you on the Flightline. 
William Wynne

Return to direct Support and Distribution


Today, June first, marks the return of my traditional ‘direct’ work with Corvair builders. This story, and the accompanying video, will explain this in detail, but in very simple terms, I am returning to directly working with builders and making direct sales to them.

From 1989-2016, this is how I worked with builders. Essentially all the sales of my catalog parts were directly from me. Along the way, Clark’s Corvairs sold some of my parts which also served car people, and Woody Harris was my rep at west coast airshows, where he did distribute manuals to new builders. With these exceptions, all of the regular catalog items went directly from me to the hands of builders.

In 2016, I had a long planned, 7,000 mile tour of the US, that involved holding four Corvair Colleges along the way. (Back in Florida after 7,380 miles on tour.). Unexpected changes in my personal life, dominated by my father’s failing health, made a new parts distribution and support system an urgent priority. My old friends, Dan and Rachel Weseman, from Sport Performance Aviation, the Panther people, and I quickly reached a handshake agreement where they would distribute and support all the Corvair products in my catalog, in addition to their own line of Corvair conversion products. The agreement worked well, the College tour was a big success, builders got their parts and support, and most important, I spent a lot of irreplaceable time with my father in the last years of his life, and deal with losing him, a harsh period friends had warned me of, but I still underestimated. For the support of my friends Dan and Rachel during this, I will remain eternally grateful.

Today, I restart my direct work with builders. Dan and Rachel will still work directly with builders, and they will offer support for their full line of Corvair Conversion parts, Billet cranks, 3.0 and 3.3L kits, 5th Bearings, cylinder head work, rework of forged 8409 cranks, EIB kits, a host of smaller parts and airframe installation components for airframes such as the Panther and the Sonex. I have an all new products page, using modern e-commerce format to sell and deliver all of my own products directly . I will directly offer support on them.

This video further explains the return to my original sales and distribution model:

In a few days, I’m going to open the sign up for our giant November Barnwell Corvair College. Just like the previous nine Colleges there, it is a fully catered immersion event. There is a required registration, and the College is ‘free’ but everyone attending pays for their share of the catering and hosts costs. This registration will appear as a regular item on my new products page. More news shortly.

  • In the four SPA years, we did not directly sell nor deliver parts at Colleges and Airshows. There are reasons why the SPA business model precluded this. Going forward, I will return to directly selling parts to builders at all times, at colleges and at airshows. I will have plenty of inventory with me on trips, and my new e-commerce site will allow selling it at any location.
  • Any builder who has a support question for any part in my catalog, should call me for technical information, no matter which distribution system he purchased it under. SPA was the primary tech support before, but this was not intended to be permanent , and it is reasonable that if I designed and made it, I’ll be the primary support no matter how it was distributed.
  • We have a few items on order with the SPA system, and they will be filled through that system, for obvious accounting reasons. If you have one of these orders, understand that I’m working to complete it asap.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you still have any questions, just pick up the phone and call me, 904-806-8143, any time you like. I have anticipated speaking with a lot of builders this week, and I have the time to do so. Don’t hesitate to call or text.