Prep for Corvair College #37.


We had a full day of prep for the college, which officially kicks off at noon tomorrow. A number of people have been assisting Steve Glover with prep work. Well Known KR pilot Richard Shirley was at the shop three days in a row, and his home is all the way on the other side of the LA basin. Today we were Joined by Dan Branstrom, who drove in from his home near Palm Springs. Dan has been around Corvairs for a long time, You can see pictures of him at Colleges as far back as CC #5 in Hanford CA in 2004.



Two men with some common ties: Dan Branstrom on the left and Steve Glover on the right. Both of them served as Marines, Dan in the 1960s and Steve in the 1990s.  Steve’s first experimental aircraft was a Jeanie’s Teeny. He got started building it as an enlisted man in the barracks. Dan was actually on hand to see the designer Calvin Parker make the maiden flight in 1967.  These are the kinds of connections builders discover at Colleges. The events are far more than engine building seminars.